Instagram Notifications not working iPhone Fix

This one is for anyone that’s on the iPhone and your Instagram Notifications is not working. So if you are having the issue where you cant customize or control the Instagram notification settings as they are missing on your iPhone this should fix the problem for you.

Read below for what steps to take to solve this on any iPhone.

The Issue

When you go to your Notifications settings on the iPhone you will usually not be able to find Instagram. In this case you will be unable to change or control notifications.

Also you will not be getting notifications as normal and there is no way to See or control anything with the app notifications.

To check if the setting is missing go to Settings, Notifications and look for the Instagram app which is missing in some cases.

Video Tutorial

Watch the video guide as I walk you through whats to be done to fix this problem with Instagram.

How to Fix Instagram Notifications Not working on iPhone?

1.Find the Instagram app and long press and choose the x to uninstall, confirm the deletion.

Go to the app store and download Instagram again afresh. Go ahead and log back into your account and when asked for permissions for notifications allow it.

2.In Instagram go to your profile, three lines at the top, select settings and then Notifications. Make sure pause all is off and go through the settings and make sure all notices you want are on. Especially for Posts, stories and comments is set to from everyone for likes.

3.Go to settings, Notifications and Find Instagram, make sure allow notifications is on and badges, sounds. Also alerts is set for Lock screen, notification center and banners.

4.Also make sure you have the app updated to the latest version with the latest bug fixed from the app store.

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