Samsung Galaxy A70 Apps Crashing Fix

If your Apps are constantly crashing on your Samsung Galaxy A70 or other similar device. Then the tips here will help you in fixing the issue as it has done on so many devices from Samsung and Android devices in general.

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What devices does this work on?

This guide will work on the Galaxy A70 and on any other device from Samsung and Android devices in general.

Video Guide:

See my video guide that walks you through everything you can do to fix your device right now.

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How to Fix this Problem with Apps Crashing Galaxy A70?

1.Go ahead and go to setting.

2.Next go to Apps and find the App that’s crashing.

3.Go to storage and clear cache.

4.If clearing cache does not work then try clearing data. Do note that clearing data may result in you loosing progress or save in some Apps so think before choosing this option.

5.If all else fail long press the App and uninstall and then go to Google Play and down again.

This should fix your problem with crashing Apps most cases.

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