Alcatel Tablet Apps Crashing Fix

If Apps are crashing on your Alcatel Tablet my guide will walk you through what you can do. Do note that the Android Interface is a little different on the Alcatel Tablet when compared to standard Android thus this guide.

By the end of the article if a App is crashing you should be able to fix it and restore your device to working condition.

How to Fix a Crashing App?

In order to fix your App that’s crashing do the following

1.So go to settings on your Tablet.

2.Then go to Apps & Notifications.

3.Select see All Apps.

4.Now look for the App that’s crashing by name and select.

5.Go now to Storage and cache. Proceed by clearing cache.

6.If that does not fix it go to clear storage and Clear All data (Note this may erase your login info and saves) so be sure to bear this in mind before selecting. You can log back in if that’s the type of app later.

Option Two:

1.Try to uninstall the App, go to settings, Apps & Notifications.

2.See All Apps and select the app that’s crashing.

3.Now look where its says open, Disable or Force Stop and the uninstall option should be there. Note that some Apps cant be uninstalled and only be disabled.

Option three:

1.Boot into Android recovery as shown in the linked article (Do not reset your device) .

2.Select: Clear Cache Partition.

3.Reboot when the cache is cleared and see if the crashing Apps fixed.

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