Do I Need Antivirus for Macbook Air or Pro 2

This one has been the question for the ages every one has asked at some time or another. The question is always asked Do I Need Antivirus for Macbook Air or Macbook Pro. Do Macs even get viruses?

There are plenty of myths out there and I will seek to shed some light on this situation and provide some well needed answers. This is especially great if you are new to Mac.

Do I need a Antivirus for my Macbook?

So as it relates to do you need a Antivirus for your Macbook the answer is a resounding yes and here me out here as I have a bunch of points below to prove my point.

1.New Malware is being written daily targeted at many devices including your Macbook.

2.While your Macbook is pretty secure a added line of defense would not hurt.

3.Malware can have many targets on your device such as causing damage, holding your files for ransom or worse stealing your personal information.

4.As time goes by and Apple becomes more valuable as a company there will be more targeted attacks directed at its devices. After all Apple users devices are so expensive and its users have more disposable income right.

Video Explanation:

I present my Argument in this video below and you can watch and share your views or ask question in the comments.

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What Antivirus Should I Go with?

There are many Antivirus options at your disposal and while this article is not about which you should ultimately choose I do suggest you go with one that matches your needs.

You have great Paid and free options. To name a few you have AVG, Bitdefender and much more great options. Do your research based on your needs and you will be good to go.

What are your thoughts?

I do hope this has convinced you to get a proper Antivirus for your Macbook. I would love to hear your thoughts, please share them below as it would be greatly appreciated.

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2 thoughts on “Do I Need Antivirus for Macbook Air or Pro

  • Rob S.

    AVG is the antivirus software I use, the free version to be more specific, and it’s the one I tend to recommend to people. With that said, there are other options that should provide just as good of protection against nefarious online activity.

    • Ricardo Post author

      Thanks for sharing your choice, its indeed a great option in most cases. Ultimately it will be down to the user as there is no one size fits all some users will love it others wont but great choice.