Macbook Screen Looks Washed out Fix

There is a particular issue with Macbooks where the screen looks washed out. You might think the display is broken when your display takes on this cloudy weird look.

Most likely though its not broken and can be fixed in a few minutes. My guide on Macbook Screen Looks Washed out Fix will show you whats going on and how you can fix it. This guide is written with the Macbook Pro or Air devices running Big Sur or other similar Mac operating systems in mind.

Why does my display look like this?

The main reason your display may look like this is because color Inversion was enabled. Usually this can happen out of error on your part without you realizing or someone turned it on in error. Regardless below I show you what to do.

Video Tutorial:

This is my video tutorial and guide that shows you how to fix this issue, the written version is below as well.

How to Fix Macbook Screen Looks Washed Out?

So if your display looks washed out do the following

1.Click the apple logo upper left.

2.Click the second option that says : System Preferences.

3.Choose the Accessibility option.

4.Go to display.

5.Finally Uncheck the check mark beside: Invert Colors.

That will return the display to normal, refreshing isn’t it? Now the problem is solved and you can easily do what you want now.

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