How to Take a Screenshot Macbook Air or Pro

This one guide will look at How to Take a Screenshot Macbook Air or Pro. The process for the most part is simple and a great way to capture whats on your screen.

You can capture whats on screen and save it as a Image and you can make cool edits such as draw over whats there or add texts and other modifications.

How can I use this?

You can use the feature to point out things that’s on screen or making guides for someone. You can also make notes to really add cool effects and much more. The resultant file can be shared or inserted into a document.

How to Take a Screenshot on Macbook?

This is how to make a very easy screenshot on your Macbook Air or Pro

1.While on your Macbook while on a screen you want to screenshot.

2.Press shift and command

3.While still holding the buttons above press 3.

4.A sound will play and preview will appear bottom right, go ahead and click the preview immediately.

5.You can make edits, add drawings, crop and so on. When satisfied go ahead and save the file. The file will be on the desktop.

Before you Go

So now you know how to take a screenshot on your Macbook and you can edit it to your liking. Please share this guide and comment below. I also have lots of other articles.

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