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The Macbook Air M1 marks a pivotal point in Apples role as a potential leader in the field of Laptop computers and computer processors. No doubt you have hard the praises of the Apple M1 Chip.

I just want to add that the hype is real. This is coming from a life long Windows user. The performance and power of Apples M1 Laptops is really great. Not to mention these chips and devices are really efficient As you will see in my review.

Whats so Great about the M1 Macbook?

Well the thing that really stood out about the Macbook Air M1 on using it was:

Light weight: The Macbook Air M1 is very light,so light in fact that it much resembles a Tablet than a Laptop. The whole thing is like a chiseled piece of Aluminum. The absence of a Fan also makes it look very sleek and futuristic. The absence of the fan is also not a hindering factor has this Laptop never gets hot which speaks to its efficiency.

The Display: I love the Display as it gives a almost glossy like look without being glossy. The resolution of 2560 x 1600 makes everything look really crisp at just above 1080p.Matched with true tone you have a very solid gorgeous screen to look at.

Battery Life: The battery in the M1 Macbook is a real performer as I can get a entire day of solid use. If I go to periodic usage it can last the week. This is saying a lot for a modern device. Heavy users will have nothing to complain about here.

Performance: The performance is also great, the Laptop starts up instantly and the storage is lightning fast. Applications run buttery smooth and Games while not triple A titles run very well. Apple can be really proud of the M1 Chip.The thing is you don’t expect this level of performance from this device by simply looking at it.Looks are really deceiving and I am truly in awe.

Keyboard & Touch: The keyboard is a joy to type on especially if you are coming from a Windows Laptop as I am. The touch pad gestures makes using your Laptop a cinch as well.

Video Review

This is my video Review of the Macbook Air M1, click play below to see the full Review.

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Things that You may not like

To be balanced let me highlight some things that you may not like so as to make a informed decision.

M1 Chip Compatibility: The M1 chip is new and not all core Apps have been updated to run on it as yet. This may cause problems for productivity Apps you may have and need to run. Personally in all cases I have been able to find all my apps or a suitable workaround.

Walled off Ecosystem: If you have only Apple device then you have no problem. If you have a mixture of devices its a chore to make everything play nicely together. Apple devices play well with other apple devices though.

Price/Features: If you need more than a base unit with more storage it going to cost you, need more RAM well you get the idea.

Ports?? :Yeh ports you only get two USB-C ports and that’s about it with a headphone jack. You need a dongle for more connectivity for USB ports, Memory Card readers and the works which I hate.

Where to Purchase

You can purchase your M1 Macbook Air below


The Macbook Air M1 is definitely the one of if not the best Laptops that money can buy this year. Apple outdid themselves this time and have made needed innovation in the field of Laptops and processors in general.

I can see myself using this M1 Macbook air as a daily device. Everything feels and runs much smooth on it in general. I would buy this Laptop again in a heartbeat and I highly recommend it if you have the coin to throw down on a investment in a device that will prevent you from pulling out your hair in frustration as with some slow devices on the market. Be sure to check out the unboxing of this device.

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