How to Load iPhone Apps on M1 Mac

So one thing that you may realize about the M1 Macbook is that its a great device. But unfortunately there is not a whole lot of Apps off the bat. New ones are being developed all the time but it would be nice to have a larger pool of Apps to choose from.

Well these apps already exist on your iPhone and iPad and you can easily side load these apps unto your Macbook. So you can basically load any app you have purchased or have downloaded on your iPhone or that exists on your iPhone or iOS device unto your M1 Macbook Air or Pro.

Please Note

Now while all apps that work on your iPhone or iPad can be loaded unto your Macbook please bear in mind that some developers may choose to disable this feature for their Apps in case one or a few does not show up.

How to Load iPhone Apps on Your M1 Macbook?

So in order to load your iPhone Apps on the M1 Macbook

1.Go ahead and from your Macbook open the App store.

2.Look in the lower left for your name or Apple ID User name and click it.

3.Under your account will be all your Mac Apps. Notice below Account in small text at the top of the screen you will see two tabs: Mac Apps and iPhone & iPad Apps, go ahead and choose the second tab for :iPhone & iPad Apps.

4. Notice all if not most of the Apps from your iPhone or iPad. Click the cloud with the down arrow to download the app to your Mac.

Video Tutorial:

Watch this video tutorial to see exactly what to do as written here.

Click Play

Method 2

Additionally you can also search directly for a iPhone or iPad App and download it directly by.

1.Launch App Store from your Macbook.

2.Use the search in the upper right and search for a App such as: Crossy Road

3.When the results appear you will notice the original game is not there as on your phone.

4.Look below Results and where it says Mac Apps tap the second Tab that says: iPhone & iPad Apps.

5.Choose get beside the Game that should show up now and that’s it. Notice that Games and Apps fro your Phone originally open in a smaller windows than normal this is the way they are setup.

Before you Go

Please share this one with all Macbook M1 owners that you know they might be missing out on some really cool apps that can add to the functionality of their device. Thanks again for everything my friend and remember to comment below.

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