iPhone only Making Whatsapp Calls to Contact Fix

So this may sound familiar in your case as you go to the dialer on your iPhone to make a call. Next you go to Recent tab and then you click on a contact you call on the regular. Instead of making a mobile call your phone makes a Whatsapp call every time.

This article will show you steps to take to deal with the iPhone only Making Whatsapp Calls to contact No direct or Mobile calls issue.

The Issue

On making a call with your iPhone as normal phone does not make a regular direct call but a Whatsapp call. This is confusing as it should make a direct mobile phone call through your carrier once you use the dialer.

How to Fix this issue?

1.Go to the dialer.

2.Go to recent and look for the contact you want to call as usual by name.

3.You may notice that the name of the contact say John will show their name and Mobile sometimes and Whatsapp Audio.

4.Choose Johns name with Mobile and a direct call will be place over your carrier phone network.The other option with Whtasapp Audio was probably the option you were selecting without noticing.

Video Guide:

Check out the video tutorial to walk you through the process and what to do.

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Why did this happen?

The iPhone call log now records Whatsapp calls as part of the phone log and not only in the App Whatsapp. This may also apply to other calls apps too. You may not have noticed a difference and kept on selecting the Whatsapp call thinking only direct calls could be made from the phone dialer.

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