How to Turn on Night Shift on iPhone 11 and 12

Night shift on iPhone is similar to the Blue light filter that makes things easier on your eyes especially at night. It reduces Blue light and prevents your phone from affecting your Eyes and sleep.

It does this by using warmer colors when the feature is on. Its a good mode to use and is great at times when you are using your Smartphone for extended periods of time or if you have eye issues and cant say on your device for long normally.

Why turn Night Shift on?

Use it as mentioned to reduce strain on your eyes and improve your experience when using your phone for long periods. It can really reduce eye strain and fatigue while using gadgets for prolonged periods.This Night Shift mode is also on your Macbook as well.

What devices does this work on?

This will work on all newer iPhone such as the iPhone 11 and 12. Bear in mind it will work on older devices as well. I mainly refer to the newer devices as they are the latest devices.

How to Enable Night Shift Mode?

To enable Night Shift mode

1.Go to your setting.

2.Choose Display & Brightness.

3.Go to Night Shift and turn it on. You can do so manually or set a schedule. You can also adjust the intensity to a level you like or keep the default.

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