How to Setup Amazon Fire TV Stick

So you got a brand new Amazon Fire TV Stick, congratulations. It a handy gadget to have and it opens up a world of possibility when it comes to the world on content online.

The package comes with several things in the box and you may not know what to do with each one. This guide will show you how to setup everything.

Follow along as I show you what to do in order to solve the problem. If you enjoy this tutorial remember to share and comment.

What You will need?

You will need all the following without exception

1.Amazon Fire TV stick and package contents.

2.A TV Set.

3.Active Internet connection for the Fire TV stick to work.

In case you don’t have a Fire TV Stick:

This one is for those that don’t have a Fire TV Stick you can pickup one below.

How to Setup Everything?

Watch the following tutorial below or read the written directions for the idepth guide.

Click Play

1.Remove all the content from the box of the Fire TV Stick.

2. Place the Fire TV Stick into the Dongle to extend it. Place the batteries into the remote and finally assemble the adapter and USB cable and plug it into the Fire TV stick.

3.Plug the Fire TV stick and extension dongle into the TV and make note of which HDMI port its connected to. Plug int the Fire TV Stick.

4.Switch the TV to the HDMI Port with the Fire Stick. You should see some info on screen. Go ahead and click the Home button,Choose English as your Language and connect to your WiFi. Follow the directions and either setup a new account or use your existing Amazon account.

5.You will be given a code to enter on the TV on your Amazon account. Simply make sure on your computer that you are logged in and go to: and enter the code on the TV. For other locations change the address accordingly such as UK to :

Do the TV selection and sound test and finally the Fire TV interface will load fully.From here on out you can load any app you want such as Netflix, YouTube and watch Amazon content and Live TV if you have a subscription.

One More thing

Before you go you know the drill. Please share this guide with some friends and please take some time and comment below if you have questions or something to add.

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