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So if you have a Samsung Laptop and want to get into the BIOS for some reason this guide will show you how to do that on any Samsung Laptop. The process is simple and outlined below in detail just for you.

Please take the time now and go ahead and watch the video guide and follow the written directions below.

Why Go into the BIOS:

The BIOS allows users to make changes that can only be made from the BIOS such as Changing the Boot Configuration, accessing additional security features, checking out the Hardware specifications and much more.

Watch the Video Guide

Below is the video guide that shows you what to do

Click Play

How to Boot Into your BIOS on Samsung Laptop?

1.Go ahead and power off your Laptop.

2.Locate the F2 Key and the Power button.

3.Press the power button to power on and immediately press the F2 key repeatedly until you boot into your BIOS.

From your BIOS you can make the changes you want and save them as you intended. Please share your thoughts in the comments and do check out some more of my other articles as I have plenty. Again thank you for checking out the article.

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2 thoughts on “How to Enter BIOS Samsung Laptop

    • Ricardo Post author

      My Laptop has a Samsung Update feature that downloads all drivers including BIOS updates and easily does the update. For other Laptops or some you can download the update file and do the update as the Manufacturer advises. Be careful though as you can brick your device if you loose power during update, upload a corrupted file or do something that messes with the process.