Weather Widget Windows 11 Taskbar

Want that weather Widget on the Windows 11 taskbar then try the following tips so that your weather will be displayed versus the Widgets icon in blue in the lower left.

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Video Tutorials

Watch my video guide that shows you how to set your weather Widget to show the correct information and how to have it displayed on the Taskbar.

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How to Add Weather Widget left of the Taskbar?

By default a Blue Widgets Icon will be shown on the Taskbar but to show the current weather to the left side of your Taskbar do this

1.Go to Widgets and if not added add the Weather Widget by clicking the icon lower left of the Taskbar and add Widgets and click the Plus at weather Widget.

2.Click the three dots upper right of the Weather Widget and customize.

3.Set your Location or have it auto detect and the weather will be shown in that region.

4.Move the weather Widget to first position in your Widgets.

5.Log Out or reboot your device and make sure your are connected to the Internet.

Notice after a while your Weather will be shown instead of the Widgets icon.

How to Remove Weather Widget from the Taskbar Windows 11?

To remove the weather Widget from the Taskbar simply go to widgets and click the three dots on the weather Widget and remove it. After a while and the system refreshes the Weather will be gone and only the Widgets icon in blue will be shown.

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