How to Install SIM card in Galaxy S22 Ultra

So you have got a New Galaxy S22 Ultra and you are pretty excited to start using it. But you decided to check out how to install the SIM. You have done the rite thing as You could end up damaging the Mic that’s beside the SIM tray in error.

Personally I think it was a big mistake for Samsung to place the SIM eject port right beside the Mic. Its a accident waiting to happen if you ask me as both holes look similar. Well luckily you looked up this guide before proceeding though.

What you Will need?

You will need your SIM eject tool that’s inside the Box, A SIM card from your carrier that will Fit your S22 Ultra (Nano SIM). You will also need this guide and some time.

What devices does this Apply to?

This guide applies to the Galaxy S22 Ultra and by extension it can also be used on the S22 and S22 Plus. Note though that the S22 and S22 Plus have slight differences in SIM tray alignment. The S22 Ultra is whats used in the demonstration.

Video Guide:

The Video guide seen here simplifies everything for you.Watch and learn how to Install the SIM and potentially troubleshoot any issues.

Click Play

How to Install SIM card Galaxy S22 Ultra?

To install your Nano SIM card on the S22 Ultra do the following

1.Go ahead and power off your Galaxy S22 Ultra.

2.The SIM tray is on the bottom of the device. Make sure the screen is facing up and the S-Pen is on the left. Place the SIM eject tool into the second hole from the S-Pen or from the left.

3.Push down and notice that the SIM tray will popup.

4.Use the Orientation notch on the tray to align the SIM as per the drawing on the tray. The gold section or metal plate pointing up.

5.Insert it back into the Phone and power up.

How to Check If SIM is seated Properly?

If the SIM is seated properly you will be able to make calls. Notice also that that you can check by going to:Settings, connections,SIM Card manager. It will show up under SIM Cards first slot and show your carrier. If it says no SIM follow the directions below to solve.

Fix issues with SIM Install:

Try these tips to solve issues with SIM detection or cases where the SIM is not detected

1.Reboot the Phone.

2.Remove the SIM, clean the metal contact with tissue paper or lint free cloth and reseat. Try this two times at least before quitting.

3.Make sure the SIM is not bent or flexed, You may have to straighten it.

4.Make sure the SIM is fully seated in its tray on insertion and all the way down.

5.Make sure your SIM is active and working, contact carrier.

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