Galaxy S22 Ultra Setup

This is the Galaxy S22 Ultra Setup process. The guide will walk you through everything you need to setup your new phone from start to finish. Please Note that during this setup nothing will be transferred from a older device and this is a fresh setup.

I personally like setup a new phone without transferring anything which gives a fresh lease on life so to speak. So watch the guide and the follow the directions to learn how to do it.

Video Tutorial:

This is my Video tutorial and guide that will break down the process and give you all the steps to setup your device.

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How to Setup Your New Galaxy S22 Ultra?

This is what you can do to setup your Galaxy S22 Ultra from start to finish.

1.Charge your device and firmly press the power button to start your S22 Ultra. At the welcome screen choose your Language and hit start.

2.Agree to the terms and Agreements where applicable and that you agree to. Next hit Agree on Samsung App and services permissions.

3.You can Skip WiFi Connection as you can connect after setup and update or the process will take a very long time to finish.

4.Next you will have the option to transfer your data with the included cable from your previous phone. You can do that or hit Do not copy as we are setting up your device from scratch.

5.Accept the Google terms if you agree to them.

6.Setup and chosen protection method. I suggest that you use the fingerprint and set a backup PIN. Scan your finger and when finished go ahead and hit next.

7.You can add a Samsung Account or skip it and add it later. Setup should be finished and you can complete the process.

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