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It may be no surprise to you that you are not using the 108 MP camera on your Galaxy S22 Ultra by default. The Camera resolution is set to take pictures at a lower resolution to save on space or at a sweet spot of picture quality and file size.

You may also have no clue How to Change Camera Picture Resolution Galaxy S22,S22 Plus and S22 Ultra. Well My guide will show you How to do that now.

What you will be doing?

You will be changing the Camera Resolution to take better pictures on the S22 Ultra. Using the full 108 MP capabilities of the lens. You will see that there is no option in camera setting to change the resolution but there is a way that kinda hidden to do it.

The default Pictures are 3000×4000 at about 2.71 MB at a Aspect ratio of 3:4. The full resolution 108 MP Pictures will be 9000×12000 at about 14.21 MB with the same 3:4 Aspect Ratio. So watch those file Sizes as they Eat up space.

Video Tutorial:

Below is the video version of this guide to show you how.

Click Play

How its done?

1.Go to your Camera and launch.

2.Look in the upper right you will see a third icon from the right that shows: 3:4, click it.

3.Change this to:3:4 108 MP (or any of the lower settings if you wish.)

4. Go ahead and take a picture and notice the difference.

You can also go to picture details and notice the increase in resolution and inadvertently the increase in file size if you chose 108 MP. I suggest that you only use this mode when you want a really nice high resolution picture and then turn it off.

One More thing

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    • Ricardo Post author

      Never said it was,but its the only way to change Resolution as Samsung has removed the Resolution option and as shown or proven it changes the resolution along with the Aspect Ratio.Check for yourself and compare a picture with the normal settings and one with the setting I showed you look at the properties of the pictures and see it a higher resolution.