Detail Enhancer S22 Ultra

One of the features of the S22 Ultra that you should definitely be using may be a mystery to you. This feature is called Detail Enhancer for the S22 Ultra. Its a great way to take very detailed pictures and this way your pictures will have more clarity especially at close range.

Do note this is not to be confused with Focus Enhancer or Macro Mode and is way more powerful. Below I will show you how to find this feature and use it and I hope you love it.

Video Tutorial:

Watch my video tutorial and learn how to use this feature.

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How to Use Detail Enhancer S22 Ultra?

In order to use detail enhancer on the S22 Ultra go ahead and

1.Launch your Phones Camera.

2.Look in the upper right third icon that indicates 3:4 and set the Camera to: 3:4 108MP.

3.Now look in the lower right for a new icon with some dots go ahead and click it.

4.It should say detail Enhancer on. Now take your picture, especially closer up and notice the details and Quality.

Before You Go

I do hope the Detail Enhancer is to your liking and you are able to take some really perfect shots especially ones you were not able to take before in detail. Please comment, share and check out more articles.

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