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A common issue you may realize that affect Samsung based devices is the issue of the Black screen, the Tablets are no different and that’s why today we are looking at the Samsung Galaxy tablet black screen fix which will show you how to fix any Samsung based tablet thats having the issue of a Black screen despite its model and this will especially work for those 10.1 inch versions which I will be using for demonstration purposes in this article today.

The Issue In detail

When you boot up your Samsung Galaxy Tablet you are unable to see anything on-screen as the display is black, in most cases you can tell the device is powered on but nothing shows on the display as the screen remains blank and you may be able to hear booting sounds indicating that it’s on but nothing is shown on the display.

samsung galaxy tablet black screen

Devices Affect by the Black Screen or Blank Screen Problem

The issue can happen in any Samsung device especially in its Tablet line regardless of the brand so this could happen to the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1,Samsung Note 10.1 or any other tablets including the 7 and 8 inch variants that exists. In this tutorial I will be using a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 to demonstrate but remember that the principle applies to other devices as well made by Samsung as they all have similar internals.

The Cause of the Black Screen Problem

The problem of the Black screen issue is something that has affected every Samsung Device including their phones and in most cases the issue is caused by a number of things, but in the case of the Samsung Tablets that this issue is happening it’s caused by a loose display LCD ribbon cable that can be fixed as shown below. I see this problem happening mostly in its 10.1 inch tablets and others devices.

What will you need for this Fix.

To attempt this fix you fix need a blunt edged object, a cred card or similar hard plastic device will do or a phone or tablet opening tool kit if you have one available.

samsung galaxy tablet black screen

Tablet or Phone repair/opening tool kit-optional but the best thing to use

How to fix the Samsung Galaxy Tablet black screen Issue.

So what you will need to do is:

1. Power off your tablet and make sure it actually off.

2. You will now need to remove the back of the tablet which will take some time and patience as its usually clipped in placed so what you will need to do is use your blunt edged object or credit card and get it into the seams that hold the tablet together. If you cannot see the seams on your tablets sides its then usually where the front screen meets the body of the device and the trick is to get the blunt object or credit card into the groove between the screen and the body of the tablet.

3. Take your time and be sure not to break anything in the process, it can take up to 15 minutes or more to get the back cover off. When its separating you should hear the clips that hold it together click on separation. Also if you device has a S-pen please remove it from the holder while attempting this as it can get in the way when left in place.

4. When it’s opened you should notice a ribbon cable that’s marked as the LCD cable that runs over the battery its impossible to miss as its flat and located on the right. There are usually two cables that look-alike, but the one in question is on the battery side with picture of a dumpster with a strike through.

samsung galaxy tablet black screen

Connector on the right

5. The cable in question is usually loose so open the clip down slot by flicking it up and sliding out the ribbon cable, now slide it all the way back in to its slot and while its firmly in there and flat against the battery, when satisfied clip the lever back in place to hold the ribbon firmly.

6. Close the back cover and reassemble everything and power the tablet back on which should now power on and the display will start showing again.


In case you are having issues please try the floowing:

1. Leave the LCD cable out for a few minutes before reconnecting it.

2. Make sure that the LCD ribbon is connected properly or the issue will persist.

3.If all else fails and you have exhausted all options then disconnect both ribbon cables and remove the screw from the battery and lift from the lower side up and gently disconnect the battery terminal, leave this out for 30 minutes or so and press and hold power while the battery is out for about a minute to help drain residual energy inside the tablet. When the time has passed reconnect and install the battery back in place with the back cover and power up the device.

That just about wraps things up for this fix if you have any questions or you would simply like to confirm that this method has worked for you please do share your experience in the comments as it helps others who are having the issue as well solve their problem and also remember to check out our others articles and consider subscribing to this blog and become a part of the family.

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