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In today’s article we will be looking at an issue where the Asus Memo Pad wont turn on or charge and when you plug in the tablet on-screen you will see a red battery icon that displays for a while then disappears as the tablet will shout off. This is often the last thing that you would want to happen to your tablet but things like these do happen and guess what I am here to tell you that we can help you in fixing your tablet and getting it back to working condition in no time, so simply follow our tutorial and watch the video for direct instruction on repairing your device.

Description of the Asus Memo Pad wont turn on Issue

When this problem occurs you will notice that your Memo Pad will not power up and instinctively you will plug your device in for charging, only to notice a Red battery icon, this read battery icon will then disappear in a few seconds and the tablet will power offΒ  and the device will not charge at all. You will still be unable to power the tablet up and disconnecting and reconnecting the charger will only cause a repeat of the situation we just described to you.

asus memo pad wont turn on

What Causes the issue?

The issue of your Asus Memo Pad not charging is caused by in most cases the battery been totally drained, then this may trigger the issue you are experiencing or as far as we have seen that this can affect several tablets and simply just occur with nothing triggering it. The issue can occur In the Asus Memo Pad line of tablets or even other brands,so as long as you own a Asus Memo Pad this issue will most likely eventually surface and happen to your tablet.

What devices does this issue affect?

This problem affects the ASUS MeMO Pad ME172V, ASUS MeMOPad HD and any other device like it in the Asus Memo Pad line, it’s even possible that other brands may be affected by this problem. So if you are experiencing a similar issue despite your device model or brand be sure to give this fix a try.

How to fix the Issue of the Asus Memo Pad wont turn on or charge with red Battery icon Fix

OK let’s get started, in order to fix the issue you will need to open your Asus Memo pad. To do this you will need a tool set as the one shown below that was designed for opening phones but it will work just fine with a tablet, also I will place a link to the tool set in case you will need a pair of your own to purchase, but if you do not want to do that a blunt tipped object will work fine.

asus memo pad wont turn on

Get your tool set here!

1. From the lower end of your Asus Memo Pad where the charge port is, insert the plastic forceps or blunt object and gently but firmly try to separate the seems that hold the tablet together, run the tool along the edges until the entire thing separates into two halves. Be careful not to snap the plastic clips that holds the back of the Memo Pad on as you will need to close the unit later.

2. Inside the unit should look like this:

asus memo pad wont turn on

As you can see there is a battery and its connected to the circuit board or mother board of the Memo Pad.

asus memo pad wont turn on

asus memo pad wont turn on

3. Now gently without touching the components of the board, disconnect the battery from the motherboard, using a fine tipped flat head screw driver to gently pick it from its socket should be enough to dislodge the connector. You may want to clean this tip or blow away any dust that might have settled on it.

4. Now simply reconnect the battery and plug your adapter into the Memo Pad. It should now boot up fine:

asus memo pad wont turn on

5. Congratulations you have successfully repaired your tablet as it should boot up, now power down the Memo pad and replace the back cover which will snap back on, your repair job is now finished.

Video Instructions on how to Fix the Issue

Why does this work in fixing the issue?

Seems the battery runs into an issue where it cannot calibrate itself and refuses to power the tablet,so only removing it from the circuit board and re-attaching it can fix the issue. Doing this seems to force the tablets system to recalibrate and re-accept the battery.

If you have any issues or need help simply leave a comment below and we would be glad to assist in any way possible together we can make this article in a great resource to help others that are having the same issue.


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82 thoughts on “Asus Memo Pad wont turn on Fix

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      That is natural, you may want to try again if it fails the first time, also try pressing the power button with the battery disconnected for a minute then reconnecting it. You never know with tech something might not seems to work but you just need to try a variation as every situation is different even slightly. Let me know the results.

      • warrengee

        havin this same problem…..trying to fix it but this device seems to have a wifi issue…it is greyed out..wont turn on or off even afte factory reset….any fixes?

        • Ricardo Gardener Post author

          I am confused this article is about fixing the Issue where the Asus Memo Pad does not power on and shows a red battery icon on screen and will not charge. As for your issue did you check the connection to that component when you opened the device? might be a loose component as what you did should have corrected it.

  • Erik

    Great instructions. I followed your instructions but it still is not powering up. I hold the power button and the red battery comes up then goes away. Do you have a next step suggestion?

  • Denial

    I am not seeing a red battery. The device gave the charge alert but won’t charge and the charger works on other devices. Been having similar issues and what you suggested worked in the past but is not working now the tablet powers up but is not charging. At one point I saw a white outlined battery with a question sign on it

  • Ee

    Hi Riccardo i tried what you showed here with the battery by disconnecting it and holding down the power button while its disconnected from the battery. But i still have the same problem could there be something else i could try??

      • Eden Tipene

        I have an Asus memo pad 7 it belongs to my son it was bought at christmas. Yesterday he went to charge and all it showed was the battery icon with red. So i tried different chargers nothing so i went online and found your video on how to fix this i tried it three times and left it charging over night but its still the same battery icon with red.

  • Radu

    I’ve been struck by the red battery too, happened on the memo pad smart 10. I didn’t have to open it ,I left it to charge and after 10 minutes or so I tried to turn it on. It started normally but the battery was at 1β„… and charging, so I shut it off and left it to charge overnight. Now it’s all good!

    • Charles

      Hi, I had the same problem. I contacted customer care, searched online and tired several methods (including removing the battery and reconnecting) but nothing worked. Finally, I plugged the tablet to a desktop computer overnight, checked it the next morning but the problem was still there. Out of frustration, I plugged it directly to DC power source, I checked after about 2 hours and the tablet was charging. I was super excited. Try this method, it could work for you. Regards

  • Wayne

    I had this same issue with an me176c. I was able to get charging working by holding the volume up button and pressing power on for 15 secs. after I released the buttons I pressed power on again and it is now charging.

  • Nik

    My Asus Memo Pad 8 looks differntly then the one you did, There appears to be a similar battery connection but I’m not sure if I am trying to disconnect it from the right side, should I have to remove the rest of the circuit board?

  • Jamie

    Ricardo – Thank you so much! I watched you youtube, disconnected the battery, reconnected and magic – my Asus came on. I’ve run the battery down several times in the past 2 years with no problems so I didn’t think your solution would work. Never will I doubt you again! Thank you again! Jamie

  • peter

    that’s awesome, i thought it was over for my tablet. I have an issue for you maybe you can help. I my Asus memopad 7 k017, The system has become unstable with a lot of force closes(especially GAPPS and the play store). I factory reset it and installed a system update hoping that would help but if anything it has gotten worse. I went around and did some digging mostly on XDA, figured if nothing else i could root it and flash a Rom and reinstall GAPPS and be on my way. But to my surprise, this could be the one model(k017) that i cant find any useful info in this direction. I’m not the best tech guy but i have rooted several phones before so I’m familiar with how. I am not really looking to root it would love just to have my stock little tablet cause for the price and the hohum specs its a great device, until now of course. Anything you got would be greatly appreciated.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      If you need to root it easily I suggest KingRoot as it will automatically root your device, to flash your Tablet I suggest you then check out another tutorial on that or I might consider doing one for you let me know.

  • Ankitha

    Hi Ricardo. I have a different problem with Asus Padfone mini. After factory reset its not going to the home screen. It is stuck with the loading icon with Asus written above. could you assist?

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      That seems like you are stuck on boot, in those cases try Factory resetting once more and clear the cache and if that fail you will have to look into flashing your device and that’s the only thing that fixes such devices with the problem you sated if resetting fails.

  • John

    Thanks Ricardo, this worked for me. I should have remembered that I had the same issue with the original nexus 7 which is also made by asus. You get what you pay for I reckon!

  • iheb

    hello thank you for the tutorial, it worked for me but it got stuck on the boot screen, and couldn’t acess the boot menu, do you have any solutions for this, and thank you very much

  • ade rushworth

    thank you ricardo,my asos just stopped displaying anything while charging,it had just run out of its 2 year warranty so was looking at my options,ie,new tablet or pay to replace battery,followed your instructions,easy fixed,thank you

  • Grant John Phillips

    Some great suggestions, but I still have a problem. Asus Memopad k001 about 4 years old. Will not start up. Charging light shows red when connected to charger, green when unplugged. Have tried long press, Vol down reset start, and reset button (hole) As it was dying it gave several hopeful signs, and an reset option on the screen (which I accepted) then just a screen back-light, then nothing. now nothing no matter what. Warms slightly when charging, have swapped the battery. Was used by someone else for awhile who picked up a virus, but thought I cleaned it. Screen and audio were great, before.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Four years is a long run might have done its time by today’s electronics standards, if the tip here wont work try it a few times before giving up highly doubt its a virus the circuitry in the tablet might be old you may want to look into re-flowing the board inside the device.

  • Mandi

    Mine still isn’t working. I don’t have the battery flashing red on screen either. I have unplugged the battery and held down the power button, then replaced the back cover and tried to power up a few times. I have also left it plugged into a pc to charge for 30 minutes and into a wall outlet overnight….still nothing. Occasionally I get a “ding-dong” sound like a doorbell and that’s it. Any suggestions?

  • John

    Dear Ricardo, thank you very much! my tablet is more than 2 years old, but able to revive it after unplugging and replugging the connector several times. you have saved the tablet from becoming electronic waste unnecessarily with this useful tip, and saved my wallet! thumbs up to you and thanks for the generous sharing of knowledge!

  • Marios

    I have a similar issue with my memopad7, but instead battery staying at red. It shows that it is charging, but obviously it never does.
    When I trying powering it up it shows that asus logo and the shuts off.
    Will this method help me?

  • Ionut

    i used this instructions same as in video. first time worked. after 1 hour it happened again. but this time does not work anymore. any ideas?

  • mercy

    Hie Ricardo my tablet is not an Asus model but its having the same problem but i cant seem to open the back cover i cant detach it any idea how i can go about it

  • Niki Joe

    Hi, I really need help with this problem… I think I have the same problem, but the battery plug isn’t coming out, I tried with several tools, including my fingers, and nothing is working, ΒΏcan you please help me? Thanks

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Those connections are usually detachable but it takes a firm pull in most cases for the clip to release. But be careful as you dont want to damage your device. Look for disassembly videos on YouTube.

  • MsL

    Thank you so much! It worked on my mom’s ASUS tablet just like you said. Symptoms: red power light on but would not boot or charge. After questioning my mom i learned that she had replaced the power cord with a generic one and not a genuine ASUS replacement. As well the battery is starting to get a bit tired which doesn’t help. All in all very glad to keep it going a while longer.
    Appreciate that you offer your expertise to those of us less knowledgeable.

  • ray318

    i did your instruction for Asus memo pad 7 me176c(k013) by disconnecting a battery, cleaning pins of it, reconnect it and switching on. finally rebooted nicely. thanks alots!!!

  • Rocker Moe

    I got an issue which is similar to this. My phone model is Asus Zenfone 4 selfie. I put it in my drawer for about like 2 months after screen shattered. Now I got replacement screen and tried to replace it. After putting the screen and body together, I tried to power it on. But Nothing comes up. No vibrate, No led flashing. So, I connected a charger. Only red battery icon like in your video shows up and a red led blinking slowly. Tried to charge it over night. Tried to clean the circuit board. Tried to jump start the battery. No results.
    The red battery icon disappeared and reappear immediately when I press power button for like 2 sec. Tried to test the motherboard with diy power supply by touching with needle-like tip touching the battery socket. But no power. My diy portable power supply is made with 9×18650 battery in parallel connection. So it would be like 3.8 or 3.2 volts.( I don’t know what volt it is)
    Any advice on what I should do would be very much appreciated.
    Thanks you and looking forward to your answer.

    P.S. I saw some tiny spider like insects crawling on my circuit board when I tried to clean it. But there is no more of them coming out. Do you think that would be the problem?