Samsung Galaxy Note Vibrates and will not power on fix 37

If your Samsung Galaxy Note 1,2, 3 or higher is vibrating and will not power on we have the solution to the problem and will aid you in returning functionality to the device and in the process save you some cash that would have been spent on repair or to order a replacement.


Symptoms of the Problem

Your device will vibrate constantly and will not power on, even if it does, it will power up and will power down again just after the Samsung logo flashes for a bit. You may also receive a on screen warning about download or modding your phone. The main symptom however will be the constant vibrating and if you connect your charger there will be no charging notification after it’s off.


What cause the issue?

samsung galaxy note vibrates but wont turn on

Samsung galaxy note vibrates but wont turn on, correct the issue today.

The issue is caused by a stuck or malfunctioning power button. The solution is to attempt to dislodge the stuck button and eliminate the issue or at least regain functionality to back up your device so it can be used.


Which devices are affected by this?

I have seen this issue in the first generation Samsung Galaxy Note, however this could potentially affect any Samsung device including the other device in the note line.

How to Fix:

For your convenience we have created this YouTube Video to aid you in the process and it outlines exactly what to do:

Written Version

We highly recommend that you watch the video as things are made really clear as possible, but just in case I will describe exactly what need to be done step by step.

1.Power down your device, remove the back cover and remove the battery from your Samsung Galaxy Note.

2. Using a very fine tip screwdriver such as the one that you would use on a pair of eye glasses, carefully remove the screws beneath the back cover. Be sure to get them all.

3. Using your fingertips or a prying device carefully separate the seems or the two folds holding the front and rear of the device together.

4. Once the back is removed locate the power button covering and remove it, beneath should be the real power button that is a white small switch looking thing.

5. Using a screwdriver or your finger tips try to nudge the button in all four directions to loosen it up. Also slightly lift the circuit board and blow on it so as to remove any potential dirt or dust from within the button or circuit board.

6. Replace the battery and attempt to power the unit up, you may leave the power button cover off. if it did not work try again to clean and nudge the button loose, it may take several attempts to get it correct.

7. If it works back up your phone, note that the button may become stuck again so you may want to leave the outer covering of the power button off or you may have to get a little creative with your device to keep using it.


Let us know how your situation turned out or if you are having problems in solving this issue, I would be glad to render assistance.

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37 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note Vibrates and will not power on fix

  • Heather Knoesel

    IT WORKED!!!! My moms phone has been like this for months. My dad wouldn’t take it to get it fixed, and he is an IT specialist and didn’t think to even look up how to do it on his own. It took me just minutes to get it fixed for her. YOU ARE AWESOME!!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS!!!!!

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      So glad that this fixed it for you pal, creating the video and this article is all worth while when appreciative people like you come back and say thanks and prove it actually works for others too. Thanks so much for commenting ☺

      • cindy

        Hey. My note one is doing this but when the samsung logo comes up it is very dim and then will go back off . If you know how i could fix it would you please let me know. Thanks.

        • Ricardo Gardener Post author

          Sure Cindy I would love to help, But I first need to know if the unit is vibrating continuously and did you watch the video where I showed you how to disassemble the unit then fix the button? If that did not help then try the following and tell me the results:
          1. Find a friend with a similar Samsung Galaxy Note borrow their battery, make sure its fully charged and try powering up the unit. If it powers up then the issue is your battery, had a friend that had that issue took us quite a while to narrow down the battery as the culprit-sometimes the simplest answer/solution is the correct one and not the complex.
          2. Purchase a original battery for your unit.
          update me on your progress when finished.

  • lorena nunez

    Hello my name is Lorena, i tried what you did in this video, but still doesn’t work. What should i do? It turns on to the logo and shuts off. It also vibrates as described when charged.

  • Craig Braithwaite

    Richardo, you are officially the man! The key to your successful tutelage is to try it a couple of times and not be thwarted after once or twice. I appreciate you.

  • Octavio

    Samsung SGH-I717 Note I. The fix works! just removed the screws, slightly lifted the frame to expose on-off button, wiggle it a couple of times, and that is it. I replaced the battery and confirmed before final assembly!

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Congrats you will have to be careful with that button from now on and try avoid using it or placing undue pressure on it depending on the severity of the issue with the button but that should hardly be an issue.

  • richard

    Okay, when my phone is off i try to charge it, but all it does is vibrate. Is this a sign that the power button is stock? I don’t wanna go buy the tools and open up my phone knowing this isn’t the problem. PLEASE HELP!

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Based on the information you have given Ricard I would say that its the power button and a phones that’s off should not vibrate, also you don’t necessarily have to buy a tool as I am sure you can find a find tipped Philips screwdriver around the house.

  • KG

    I just did an update on my Samsung Galaxy 4. Then the next few days my phone didn’t seem to hold a charge and now when plugged in to charge it vibrates every 4 seconds. It will not charge. It also shows a grey battery with a lightening bolt on front screen. I took it to “cell phone store (the “V” store) and they told me there is nothing they or I can do and since I don’t have insurance that I am out of luck. So I tried your method but it didn’t seem to work for me… I don’t see the white button moving at all. How much is it supposed to move? What am I doing wrong? Can you further explain how much the white button is supposed to move and how much pressure I am supposed to put on it. I don’t want to damage it further but I really would like to get my phone back to normal. Any other suggestions I would appreciate…maybe this isn’t even my phone’s problem?

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      I know the experience of what you are feeling but I made the article detailed and there is a video to show you exactly what I mean, you simply need to get to the button and nudge it as shown in the video if you are careful you should not break anything friend. Also before doing what this tutorial advises I suggest based on what you told me that you borrow a matching battery or try to charge your battery outside your phone and see if your device powers up on battery alone if the problem persists then do as this tutorial advises.

  • Peter

    I cannot believe it. I was getting sceptical but as you said just keep repeating it. So I did and it worked like a charm. So I’m addind my greatful thank you to the ones before me. Thank You.

        • Ricardo Gardener Post author

          It would really help if you pointed out where exactly you are having issues the Video in the article shows you exactly what to do so attempt it and if you have any issues please state what your specific issue is.

          • presh

            i was beaten by rain and my phone seems normal till i wanted to charge it and it refused to charge. i switched it off and tried again but it began to vibrate. i need urgent help please. its a samsung galaxy tab 4 and cant be opened

          • Ricardo Gardener Post author

            All devices can be opened, how else where they assembled in the first place? You might have water damage friend and you can check YouTube for a disassembly video.Also you will do well to remove any moisture that inside the device before trying to power up again I have tutorials on that as well.

  • Blink Macatawtaw

    hey there my samsung tab 4 went black. when it turn it on it just vibrates like when it’s about to turn on but nothings shows but there are visible lines then it’s off again.please help me

  • dv

    Hello! My SM-N910F power up showing SAMSUNG logo and this text: recovery booting…but after 1 sec the screen is off and the phone is vibrating 2 times at 1 sec interval and after that is rebooting in the same condition. The phone is charging without problem. Tried every soft from XDA but nothin works, tried samsungswitch but same condition after flashing with original firmware.

  • G

    This method didn’t work for me after a phone drop and black screen. There’s a another fix, by taking back off and removing battery. Then press around the camera by linking fingers and putting the phone between palms of hands. Then press hard (careful) around the camera. There is a connection for the screen there that may have come lose when dropped ? It 100% worked for me.

  • Stas

    Wow! This was so easy. I thought that my phone was dead and I contemplated to throw it away to recycling, thinking that a cost of repair by local technician will be higher that the phone’s worth. And now the phone is back to life again, thanks to your tips, Ricardo.Great job!