Amazon CPM Check

Amazon CPM Check 4

I am really excited today as I went to collect my mail to find an extra surprise in the form of my very first Amazon CPM check, this is quite exciting considering that Amazon only started their Amazon CPM program recently where they pay publishers a set rate for every 1000 impressions of their ads […]

Amazon Fire Phone Review

The Amazon fire phone is Amazons first bold step into the world of smartphones and this is one of the many offerings from Amazon which essentially covers everything from phones now to home automation devices all powered by Amazon and their products. The new phone runs Android but like its tablet cousins its been customized […]

amazon fire phone

amazon fillers

Great Amazon fillers

If you are accustomed to shopping on you may not be aware but there are items called: Amazon fillers or Amazon filler items that will qualify you for Free shipping one you spend the required amount of $49 minimum but at times it can be difficult to get your order to that mark and […]