Fire TV Stick Streaming Media Player with Alexa built in (2nd Gen)

This will be a Review of the Latest Amazon Fire TV Stick. Its the latest and improved version from Amazon that offers all the latest features. I have already reviewed the first Edition Amazon Fire TV Stick so this will be a improvement on that.

If you are in the Market for a brand new latest version of the Amazon Fire TV stick then you have come to the rite place. Best thing is that Amazon offers these at a great price and if you time your purchase you may be lucky and get it at a even better price.

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Whats in the Box?

Inside the Box is the usual expected stuff. You can see my detailed Unboxing and impressions in this video below.

Watch Unboxing

Inside the box is the Amazon Fire TV stick, Extension Dongle,Remote, Batteries and USB cable plus Adapter. You do also get the documentation and quick start guide.

Basically you get everything you need out the box to get started. If you want to know how to setup everything then read our guide here.

My Views on this Model:

Well as to the improvements for the Fire TV Stick streaming media player with Alexa which was released in 2019 which is the second Generation and latest version of the Fire TV Stick Amazon has opted to add some well needed feature.

The interface for the most part has remained the same. The different first show up in the Remote. You will now have a dedicated power button which is a welcomed addition. You also get a volume up and down button which saves time and a mute switch to easily mute audio.

The remote is also smaller and the amazon logo at the base now has just a swoosh that on Amazon boxes and not the Amazon name. Everything is still there including voice commands and the interface is still Familiar if you have ever used a Fire stick.

What Do I use mine for?

I personally use my Amazon Fire TV for watching YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Original Programing. I find that the Fire TV stick runs smoother than most smart TV features which can be buggy and slow especially over time.

The Fire TV Stick is very smooth and works without much issue. I love that it simply works and I can easily find apps to install and use. I can bring all my subscription service together in one simple place and don’t have to worry about future app support or updates.

The Fire TV stick brings everything together and keeps running smooth over time and I don’t have to worry. The power consumption is also negligible which is great as I like to binge watch content in huge chunks of time.

I personally cant use my TV set now or moving forward without using a Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can even bring it with you on the Go which is something you cant say with other devices.

Buy Your Fire TV Now:

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I really love the improvements in the Physical hardware of the newest Fire Stick from Amazon. Everything runs great and you can expect the same solid software that’s paired with the hardware that we have come to love from Amazon.

Apps and Amazon service work really well. I must say that if you get a Fire TV stick you can expect top notch services at your Fingertips. Enjoy Netflix, Amazon Programing, Live TV, YouTube and so much more. Plus there is the added bonus that if your TV is not Smart it will make it so plus add a whole bunch of programs as the Fire Stick is really flexible.

If you are considering one of these device be sure to purchase your above you will not be sorry trust me on this one. I have one on each TV around the house.

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