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Zedge is the most unlikely name you would think of giving to an Android app seeing that alphabetically the letter “Z” is the last letter of the alphabet. Despite this seemingly weird name the Zedge application is renowned for being one of the best apps out there for wallpaper and ringtone customization on your smartphone.

The Zedge app is especially great for wallpapers, trust me I am big on visuals and one of the first app I personally install on my Android device. When seeking to set your Samsung Galaxy apart from any other, Zedge is the app to install.

Now readers you might be asking yourself how good this app is? Well with more than 50,000,000+ downloads at the time of writing this article , a whopping 791,534 reviews giving it a almost perfect 4.5/5 stars rating the zedge app is undoubtedly a top contender for a spot on your device, weighing in at a mere 4.58 MB.

What can this App do for you?

Download Custom Android Wallpaper & Ringtones.

One stop App for Android Wallpaper and ringtones.

On installing the zedge app you will receive the following awesome benefits:

  1. Custom wallpapers that automatically fits your Android device resolution and screen dimensions without the user having to specify screen resolution or device type.
  2. Thousands of beautiful and unique wallpapers to fit your persona.
  3. Ringtones and notifications at the flick of a finger, simply search, preview, and set your ringtone without thinking of navigating Androids annoying menus for your ringtone, notifications and texts alerts all from within the Zedge app.
  4. Choose from classic to down rite funny ringtones all for you and your personal style.
  5. Zedge also offers sweet extras that include Live wallpapers and Games, now while I only recommend them for the wallpapers and ringtones these are cool extras that users may also want to explore.
  6. The Zedge app is not only listed in the Android play store, but if you have a apple device there is also a iPhone version of this app.
  7. Zedge can also be place on your other Android devices and yes that includes your new tablet, so no more searching for the perfect wallpaper.

So if you have not figure this out yet readers the Zedge app is not simply another run of the mill wallpaper or ringtone app that’s vying for your attention, its undoubtedly one of the best if not the best apps in the Play Store for its category and has been given the Top Developer status so you can rest easy that this app is top notch.


What to expect after instillation?


Zedge menu options.

Zedge options Menu

Zedge wallpaper menu

Zedge wallpaper selection.













The Zedge interface is smooth and intuitive and first time users will have no problems with the easy to use interface. Simply install and launch and choose Ringtones or wallpapers and you are well on your way. For ease of use and convenience the app  has categorize all archived files under the category of both ringtones and wallpaper as: Featured, recent and popular next to the Major categories, so if you are drawing blanks as what wallpaper to get then the popular categories is a sure fire way to see the trending stuff.

All ringtones can be previewed before downloading and after the process is complete no need to browse the Android interface to set it as a ringtone, simply choose download and conveniently after downloading there is a choice to set the downloaded media file as your current wallpaper of ringtone.

Also all files downloaded through this app is archived within app so simply review and set them as you choose, customizing your Android device has never been so easy. So no more digging through websites for the perfect wallpaper or creating that ringtone on your own. Zedge makes the process as simple as it can be.

So guys what do you think of this app? Do you find it appealing or do you think it’s another run of the mill application vying for your time? Let me know what you think in the comments below friends.

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