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If you are tired of paying ridiculously high fees for calls and texts then you might be like many of the millions of people out there that do not realize that there are alternatives for communicating with your friends and love ones totally free of cost. We here at have you covered when it comes to Android and the latest tips and tricks. Today’s tip is especially exciting as it can save you allot of money and who does not like that?,So join us as we explore the realm of free calls and texts with two of the best Apps in the Android market for calling and texting totally free of cost.

Now to achieve the feat of actually been able to call or text for free you will need a few things which include:

1. An active internet connection e.g. WiFi or Mobile Data Plan

2. Android Device (Works on Apple Iphone as well)

3. The MagicJack and HeyWire app from the Google Play store.


Free Texting To any Mobile Number

While this may sound too good to be true I assure you this app will allow you to text virtually any number in the world for free and the text will be delivered by regular text messaging over your recipients Mobile network to there phone, even if the person does not have a data connection.

Send free calls and Texts.

Free Calls & Text

Free text Messages app

HeyWire Free Text or SMS App.

To text for free you will need to download the: HeyWire App. from the Play Store, the only catch is that the App require a active internet connection on your end to send a text message.After downloading it, install the app and record the U.S. number that HeyWire  will give, this will work from any country in the world, so our international readers can rest assured that they have not been left out. Once the app is launched and fully set up , simply compose your first text by clicking the new text button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. To send said text simply place a local or international number in the “TO:” field with the area code included and your message in the body and send. The message should reach your recipients phone as a regular text from your new HeyWire number.

Note however the number that you are given cannot receive voice calls and is only for texting, If your friends text back, you will receive the text in App. If you are an international user you may want to advise your friends to text your regular number as if they text the HeyWire given number they will be charged international texting rates by their mobile carrier. Also the Heywire App can send and receive messages between your friends who are using the same app, so there is lots of room to be creative here readers.


Free Calls to Any Number


If you are with us so far you must be saying there is no way that it’s possible to make call for free to mobile and landlines, well again i assure you  that not only is it possible, I use these apps regularly and they do work as advertised and they are all free programs with  no catch so to speak. Now this should be especially good for international readers who more than any one are face with high international call rates. Now note that Calls are limited to United States (U.S) and Canadian numbers only, so to call any other country is out of the picture.

Make Free Phone calls

MagicJack: Make calls for Free.

Now to make free calls you will need to download the MagicJack App.and install it, the process is simple and straightforward, after instillation simply launch the program and call your desired U.S. or Canadian number and you are well on your way to free calls. Note again you will receive a U.S. number and with the MagicJack App you will be able to also receive calls as well as make them once the App is active,The given number by the MagicJack App will be a U.S. one, so if you are outside the U.S. those attempting to call it will be charged accordingly for incoming calls, but as was promised the outgoing calls are totally free.

That raps it up on how to call and text for free, trust me these methods do work I use them on My personal Android device and they have saved me quite a bit in calls and text and are very economical, all that is require is an active data connection and you will be well on your way. So let me know how the methods above work for you, especially if you live outside the United States, I would be glad to have you input.

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13 thoughts on “How to call and text for free on any Android Phone from anywhere in the world.

  • szilvia

    so if i text from the USA to scotland to a regular number it’s free right? but so how would the person text back, without charge? thanks

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      For the HeyWire app it will be free to text from the USA to Scotland (untested personally for this location),it’s recommended that your friend on the other end get the HeyWire app as well so he or she can text back for free to your local phone or directly to the app.

  • laura

    I wanted to ask u sth related to MagicJack App, u said id be given a us number so if i want someone in england to call me to that number this person would pay as if they were calling any us nunber even tho im not there? Id appreciate if u could help me with that
    Thanks in advance

        • Ricardo Gardener Post author

          Yes as far as I know you should be able to call another magic jack number for free (haven’t tested it) or any US number, I only use it to call companies and friend in the US when I am abroad. Have never personally tried contacting a person in the same country who uses the App though. When I call abroad it costs nothing, there is even a dongle that they sell in case you do not have a Smartphone that saves a fortune.

  • Laura

    I have a question about the MagicJack App. You said if i installed it, I’d be given a US number right? so if i’m not in usa but someone in another country tries to call me to that number, would it apply the charge as if i was in usa? or does it have any additional charge for being outside us? Thank you in advance.