Online Payday & Payoneer Charges hit hard or not.

If you are not familiar with Payoneer you can read our article on the Payoneer debit card or siggnup here to get a $25 bonus when you signup for one using our link. So I got paid again, this time by Amazon $177.97 US dollars and I used my Payonner card to collect the total.

This time around unlike my first  I opted to be paid by direct deposit instead of cheque as my first online pay day. Let’s say that my first cheques are still being cleared which should take 25 days and I got paid already by Payoneer while my first two cheques are still on hold to be cleared. So although I have not used the card directly just yet it does have founds loaded that are usable.


Annual $29.95 Payoneer Fee


payoneer charges and Amazon direct deposit

Do not guess where and when you will be charged.

So be warned that Payoneer charges a $29.95 annual or yearly fee that is charged at the time the card balance reaches a balance that would facilitate them receiving there $29.95. So if you are new to the online earning this is something you may want to bear in mind before getting your card as if you are a very low income earner the $29.95 charge is a big whack, but if you are a high roller so to speak and receive plenty of payouts that annual fee is chump change to you.One should also bear in mind that you are paying for a convenience so like any regular credit card yearly fee the Payoneer card annual fee is for card maintenance and account up keep.


1% Fee through US Payment Service (ACH)

Also note that there is a 1% fee that seems to apply each time you receive a direct deposit by ACH or direct deposit.


My first Load

I was told on Sunday that I was paid by Amazon and by Monday approximately 10 hours or so later the cash was deposited to my Payoneer and I received a email.


So I loaded $177.97 from Amazon.

Was charged a Annual: $29.95 charge

1% ACH deposit fee of:$1.78

Total in charges on first load: $31.73

Remaining Balance that accessible: $146.24


My $25 Bonus!

Now I would recommend that you use the link that was provided above as on your first $100 deposit you will receive $25 which will reduce the annual fee for your first years Annual charge significantly. You can find the link to signup here.

So I was not credited immediately and was told to give the process 30 days, by the next day of depositing my first $100+ I received my $25 promptly all because I signed up with a friends link and got the bonus. So no link as the one above no $25 bonus.

My current balance is now: $171.24, that has save me quite a bit off my Annual fee, best of all you can save yourself this charge as well.


payoneer charges and Amazon direct deposit

Payoneer Account Balance from transactions screen.








To access the above screen simply from your Payoneer account select: Account Activity– then view transactions.


How to use the ACH or Direct deposit service with Amazon Associates?

1. Sign into Amazon Associates central.

2.Click Account settings and change payment method.

3. From this screen select: Pay me by direct deposit (United States Associates Only)

4.  Fill out the form as shown below:

Amazon ACH or direct deposit Payoneer

Amazon direct deposit or ACH













Replace Bank Account Holders name with yours and consult your Payoneer account or Email for your US account information for routing and bank account number. If you have not yet activated the US payments portion of your card consult our guide here.

If you have activated the service , simply log in to Payoneer -select receive Payments and My US payment service profile for the info.

Conclusion and lessons

The annual fees of Payoneer is a big whack! lol , however they do deliver on the speed and ease they promise so I cannot complain and considering under normal circumstances you would have to wait all of 25 working days to get a cheque cleared and a 2 week period for it to be initially delivered you may bat your eyes at the charges for those outside the US.

The trick is to know where and when you will be charged and plan for them with Payoneer.


1. fast payment.

2.Convenient to use, little to no hassle to access funds.

3. conveniently check balances online.

4. Responsive customer service by direct chat,telephone and email.

5. A life saver if you do free lancing Jobs online and cannot wait on cheques to clear seeing you have bills to pay and need your money fast.


1. Charges can be daunting if you do not receive high sums regularly.

2. Various charges for deposit and withdrawal, so think before using the card.


Quick Tips

1. Only check balance online, you will be charged at ATM’s.

2. If you are making cash withdrawals be sure to take as much as possible in one go to avoid reoccurring fees.

3. Swiping the Card online or at point of sales seems not to incur a charge as of now.


See the follow-up Article on Making Cash Withdrawals from the Payoneer Card 

Let us know what you think of Payoneer fee structure, does the benefits or pros outweigh the cons or do you have tips to get around the fees that seem to pop up all over the place, let us know in the comments below.

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