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It’s another day and another fix and we lover every minutes of it,in today’s article we would like to look at the issue where some users complain that: My phone keeps turning off by itself, if you are one of these persons and your phone keeps turning off by itself we would like to help you in fixing the issue. This issue is notorious on device such as the Samsung Galaxy Note line of phones, the regular Samsung Galaxy and even other brands that are on the market.

The Issue in Detail

Your device will power off without warning, usually while it in your pocket or bag without any indication. This issue is super annoying as at times the device is in your pocket and you did not even realize that it had powered off and you can end up missing important calls. You may only realize when you decide to check your phone and notice the screen is blank. It powers on when you hit the power button but who can tell when it will power off again and you just know after a while it will again.

my phone keeps turning off by itself

Phone Shuts off Randomly and you did not Power it down


What device does this affect?

This can affect any phone but its notorious in the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and other variants in the note line such as the Note 3 and Note 4 and the Samsung Galaxy line of phones, so if you are experiencing a similar issue where your phone keeps turning off randomly then this fix will most certainly repair your device.

How to fix My Phone keeps turning off by itself issue?

First of all don’t sweat it as this fix will be relatively easy and your device can be fixed in a few minutes or less:

1. You will first need to power your phone off.

2. Next be sure to open the back of the device by removing the back cover and remove the battery.

3. Now you will need to look at the battery and the terminals that are exposed on the battery and that connect the battery to your phone:

my phone keeps turning off by itself

See the battery terminals that need cleaning


4. You will need to clean the terminals to make sure that the battery is making clear contact with the phone and supplying power.

5. To perform the cleaning process you will need anything that can rub the surface of the terminals clean such as a pick, piece of metal or so on that can rub the corrosion away.

6. Once properly cleaned the battery will make perfect contact and start working again and the device will not power off randomly or without warning.

Please note that you should also look at the pins making contact with the battery to make sure they are clean and that they are all even and not bent out of shape, if they are bent even them out. When you are satisfied replace the battery and power on the phone, it should now work 100%.

I hope that fixed the issue for you, if it did not then check out this article that shows a similar issue and the fix. Please leave a comment to ask for help if you are having issues or just to say thanks and remember to consider subscribing.



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