Dolphin Web Browser for Android

If you are stuck thinking there must be a better choice of Browsers for Android than Google Chrome then you might find it surprising that the best kept secret in web browsers for Android is neither Opera or Chrome but a less known little browser called Dolphin web Browser.

I came across the dolphin browser totally by accident and ever since it kind of stuck with me ever since. I find my self using this browser more and more each day because of some simple little things that Dolphin Browser gets right out of the gate and that is a smooth user experience, visually simple layout and convenient customizations that are normally reserved for desktop browsers.

dolphin web browser

The best Features of Dolphin Web Browser that sets it apart from the rest


1. Custom Browser Add-on or extensions

Heck lets start with what I consider the best of the best feature,If like me you are accustomed to tricking out your brand new browser with the latest add-ons on your desktop, chrome gives you one better and move that convenience to its mobile platform.

2.   Speed and performance

Dolphin like its wild counterpart runs buttery smooth on Android, so much so that task such as multitasking and webpage handling are super fast and efficient.I hardly ever notice any lags and webpages seem to load easier than on the default or traditional browsers.

3.Designs and Visuals

One of the more attractive features of the Dolphin is its cool pallet of colors that are easy on the eyes and not too distracting so as to take away from the browsing experience. Every icon is well placed and nothing ever seem out-of-place, intact there are tuns of settings and features and they manage to jam it all in without ever making things feel claustrophobic or overly cluttered which is quite a feat in my book. Other unnamed browsers better watch out as dolphin beats them where it counts most, being feature rich and keeping it under raps.

4. Settings and features

As we said before there are so many features and settings I hardly know where to begin, so lets just start:

1. Multiple tabs can be opened simultaneously and closed with a simple swiping gesture.

2. One tap to share, push or access downloads.

3. Control and fine tune every aspect of your browsing with easily tweak-able settings

4. Swipe from the left to access a feature rich menu withe commonly used web links and bookmarks.

5. There are so much features we can’t include them all so download this great App for Android and take it for a spin.

dolphin web browser dolphin web browser

Why should I choose Dolphin Browser?

Good questions and the Answer is that it is a over the average web browsing and a unique browsing experience that will have you coming back to this browser as the browser of choice for you day after day.


Get Dolphin Web Browser from the Google Play

To get the latest and most up to date version of the web browser go ahead and download it from the Android Play Store by clicking here.


Dolphin Browser APK Download

In case you would like to skip the Play Store you can download the .apk file here. This is version Dolphin Browser HD 8.5.1 APK that Supports Flash that some newer versions of  have dropped.

I hope you enjoy the Dolphin experience as much as we have as a great Android Web browser that is superior to anything that comes pre-installed on your device.

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