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It’s another day and as usual your gadgets seems to be acting up more than usual, in today article we would like to look at a very common problem and the fix for your Samsung phone not charging. This issue has been on the rise as of late which is leaving those who own a Samsung phone scratching their heads as their device or smartphone is not charging even when they switch adapters or USB cables. As always we have got your back and have a fix for this really annoying issue that will save you a trip to the repair shop and tuns of money.

Today’s fix will take you approximately 5-10 minutes depending on how fast your work tops and I promise that we will have your Samsung phone charging again in no time, that’s our promise.

Description of the Problem?

Your Samsung Phone refuses to charged when plugged into the wall outlet or connected to the computer by USB capable. Note that this issue can also affect any device that has a similar charge port or uses the same style adapter as the Samsung phones. Your phone will be unusable as you cannot get it to charge.

Which Phones does this issue affect?

This problem can affect any Samsung phone regardless or model or brand, including other phones that have a similar styled charging port as the Samsung such as Blackberry phones and even tablets may be affected as well.

why is my Samsung phone not charging?

The reason is most cases, especially when you have switched adapters and the battery is fine is die to a corroded charge port where corrosion causes the contacts in the charge port not to make full contact with the electrical source and then the device stops charging due to this corrosion or rust that builds up in the charge port on the metal contacts.

This may happen some time after your phone has made contact with moisture of some kind or you probably dropped it in water a while back but it was still working until now it stopped charging. Also sweaty palms may cause this issue over time, so be aware of the issue so this does not happen again in the future.

samsung phone not charging

How to Fix Samsung Phone not charging Issue?

To fix the issue you will need to remove the rust or corrosion that has built up on the charge port contacts, you will need the following items:

1. Rubbing Alcohol

2. A brush

3. A blunt thin piece of metal

samsung phone not charging

If you have all the items above proceed by dipping the brush in the Rubbing Alcohol and making the bristles as solid as possible by holding them short, rub the brush into the charge port back and forth repeatedly until the brown rust is completely removed and clean.

samsung phone not charging samsung phone not charging

Next when the port is clean get the blunt thin piece of metal and slightly rub the contact points inside the charge port to remove any unseen corrosion and expose fresh metal that will increase conduction. When satisfied  you may blow dry or simply blow into the port to remove any loose debris.

You can now connect your phone to the wall outlet and it will charge no problem.

samsung phone not charging samsung phone not charging

Video Instructions:


Trouble Shooting

No fix is perfect and you may realize that at first the above may not seem to work but it may be because you missed something:

1. There is corrosion on my charge port but nothing after the cleaning.

Solution: Did you thoroughly clean the port, try cleaning it several more times before you give up.


2. The port is perfectly clean but it still won’t charge?

Solution: Your charger may be at fault or a battery so start from the charger and try switching it with one from a friend and then try the battery, you should be able to track down the issue from here.


I hope you were able to get fix your Samsung phone that was not charging and get it to full working condition once more, we love fixing gadgets and helping you is what we do best so please take the time to leave a comment as its great when we hear from you our readers.



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