AVG Antivirus Review: Everything you need to know

I have been using AVG Antivirus for years and its been my Antivirus of choice as far back as as I can remember. I use the AVG internet security and this is My Antivirus Review from seven (7) Years of using the same Antivirus from the AVG Free Edition to upgrading to their full internet security suit.

AVG has consistently exceeded my expectations and like any good and reliable Antivirus its constantly improving which makes it quite adaptable and one of the reasons its a top name in modern Antivirus software on the market today. Note that because I have used this Antivirus so long this will be a lengthy and detailed Antivirus Review where I will not leave any stone unturned in my attempt to outline the merits and weaknesses of this Antivirus.


Ease of Use

One of the main thing that you will realize about the AVG Antivirus especially the advanced Internet security suit is that its quite easy to use especially if you are accustomed to a traditional Antivirus package. Its as simple as downloading the installer from the official website and having the entire package run on your computer in a few minutes flat.

avg antivirus review

AVG Internet Security 2015

The controls are well laid out and you can readily do a full system scan or check for updates in one click, the interface has changed over the years and even if it does again one thing remains the same and that is the features that you need most are readily available and you never have to dig through menus to find the options that you need.

At a glance a all green status indicates that the components are up to date and working at maximum, red or any other colors directs your attention to components of the Antivirus that may be malfunctioning and need your attention.

The reports allows you to track major updates and events such as when last the virus definitions were updated or easily when a removable device was scanned and if any threats were detected.

The Built in Antivirus protection

Its a common myth that there is one Antivirus out there that will protect a user no matter what and thus is the best Antivirus, the sad truth however for those that know better is that even the best Antivirus means nothing if the end user makes dangerous moves that compromises the integrity of their own computer system. This is usually enough to bring even the most secure infrastructure to their knees.

So with that in mind know that AVG might not be considered the best Antivirus but its among the top ten (10) best Antiviruses out there and it keeps on improving each year. So with some common sense and this great Antivirus protecting you there is very little to worry about as you go about your daily activities on the web.

I find that the residential shield is great at detecting and locking down Virus threats, especially of the major types of virus in the wild. When it comes to new virus the team is quick to push new updates that quickly adjust to the current threat level.

Removable or External Drive Protection

Pen, flash or junk drives that are used especially by USB ports are a main mode of spreading computer based infections especially in this modern era that has everyone using computers and moving files between them. I remember how much of a big headache this was in college when we all were borderline ready to tape up our USB ports due to the mass of Viruses that were been spread around the dorm by USB drivers, it was really annoying.

I was a little less worried as AVG had a feature that would actively scan the USB flash drives and remove threats. The only gripe that I had was that you had to enable this feature manually:

avg antivirus review

To enable the USB flash drive scan feature on any version of AVG including the free edition you have to:

1. Go to the main interface-options -Advance settings.

2. Scans on the left and click the Plus symbol and  Select removable device scan.

3. Make sure that the box is checked for : Enable removable device scan and Heal and remove infections without asking me.

in this case the Antivirus will automatically scan removable drives and remove infectious threats automatically. While you are here I would also recommend that you enable automatic scheduled scans:

1. Select schedule and click on the Plus symbol and enable the feature.

2. I recommend that you set it to scan every other day which should be more than enough to keep you ahead of the viruses.

avg antivirus review

The Firewall

The firewall is another of my favorite aspects of the AVG Antivirus suit that not included in all versions but for those that have it, you are looking at one of the easiest firewalls to configure that comes with customizable rules that can be set manually or automatically block or allow applications according to the users preference.

I often use this feature to create specific outbound and inbound communication rules for specific application that are installed on my computers. You can allow some network access or block them all together, you decide. Plus this is great for protecting against malicious programs and apps that you do not trust on the network and do not want to grant full network access.


Web Protection

The web based protection offers real time tools that protects you while you browse steering you away from scam and potentially harmful websites as you browse or even before you click on results in search. You can really relax and you surf the internet knowing that AVG is in your corner.Also as an added layer you also get email protection I must attest that I do not personally use this feature but its a great and thoughtful addition that may come in handy to some users.

Identity theft Protection

Worried that sooner or later some one is going to steal your identity? well AVG offers a great set of tools to make sure that you are always protected, especially your personal and confidential information that has become the target of criminals whose main aim is to rob you blind.

The identity protection competent of AVG is there for you and will not let you down so bank or shop with the peace of mind that you deserve.

Overall Views

If you are looking for a super Antivirus that will save you from all there is out there on the net then I am afraid that this is not the Antivirus for you. However if you have a level head on your shoulders and think before you act, then AVG is the right backup that you need and it will never let you down. In my option this is all you could ever ask of a top Antivirus and any company that swears that they can go beyond this is trying to sell you dreams and rainbows.Also best of all the entire package is reasonably priced so you never have to worry and should you need to test things out the AVG free edition or their 30 day trials are great grounds to get you feet wet and see the magic for yourself before getting the full protection.Please note the Antivirus is not a resource hog but will require a modern and  decently capable computer to run well especially for very fast scan times.


Easy to use and understand interface

Great price

Easily install and forget it package

Great virus protection

Great tools and additions that protect you and your identity

Offers free and paid editions that are excellent


Some critical features are disabled and should be enabled for maximum protection by default

Requires a moderately capable computer to run efficiently and very fast.


I hope you enjoyed our avg antivirus review, as much as I enjoyed putting it together if you have any feedback or comments please do not hesitate to use the comments section to express your opinions or ask your questions.



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