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blu dash 5.0+

Blu Dash 5.0+ Review 2

It seems that every where I go now a days I see a BLU branded smart phone and with Good reason, as the brand is earning a reputation for creating cheap Android phones that are very reliable and the Blu Dash 5.0+ is a premium BLU smartphone that worth having or at least giving it […]

android multi tool

Unlock any Android Phone or Tablet lock screen with Android Multi Tool 32

If you have been locked out of your Android phone or Tablet for some reason then you might go in search of a method of unlocking your device in case you either forgot the password or the pattern lock especially after having the too many pattern attempt warning. If you have already exhausted your options […]

best wireless routers

The Best wireless routers 2015

We recently did a Best wireless router article for last year and while many users found that list very useful and the devices are still relevant as anything in the computer world since then a variety of new products have been release and we would love to update you on the latest addition to the […]

amazon fillers

Great Amazon fillers

If you are accustomed to shopping on you may not be aware but there are items called: Amazon fillers or Amazon filler items that will qualify you for Free shipping one you spend the required amount of $49 minimum but at times it can be difficult to get your order to that mark and […]