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LG G4 First Impressions

On April 28, 2015 the LG G4 was unveiled to the world with its latest features and specifications.The first thing that you will notice about the G4 right off the bat is that it actually looks like the LG G Flex but with less of a curve than that model but otherwise it has kept […]

lg g4

Display driver stopped responding and has recovered Fix 2

If for some reason your display drivers is crashing and you are getting the dreaded error message:”Display driver stopped responding and has recovered” then welcome to the club as this is a fairly common issue, especially when you are running an independent graphics or video card. It can be quite confusing when you get this […]


Fingersecurity for Samsung Galaxy and Any App plus a bypass flaw

If you wish to extend the fingerprint security capabilities of your Samsung Galaxy devices that has a fingerprint scanner to other Apps then a great option is to use the App FingerSecurity which is available for download in the Google Play store. It’s a cool app that will give you the awesome ability to extend […]