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You just got to love cool technology its so awe inspiring when you encounter a piece of cool technology that makes you wonder where has this been all my life or how did I not know that this existed. Well we would like to look at some super cool tech that you just got to have on the basis that they are downright awesome and they are worth owning as they can make your life that more convenient and take things to a whole other level.

Each product is specially selected because they are super useful and promises to increase your productivity, security or simply help you out of a jam in a style that is like something that’s straight out of science fiction.

1. August Smart Lock

Cool Technology

Unlock your door with your Smartphone!

You just got to love the August Smart Lock, it’s a very cool piece of technology that adds a whole new level of features to your existing houses deadbolt lock by allowing you to actually use your Smartphone to unlock your door. Best of all it basically modifies your existing lock and the unit is kept inside the house and simply is added to the existing lock on your door.

You can also use your existing key to open your door if you want but what fun would that be? the unit is also self-powered with batteries so it will never be affected by a power failure and your phone connects to it via Bluetooth for convenience and in case of power issues such as an outage at your house.

Now to the fun stuff and why you would want this cool Technology right now in your house. You can actually issue virtual keys to anyone that you choose and determine when they expire, so basically you are in total control, plus you can even schedule access to Friend and Family members as you wish. Plus you never have to change a lock again because a person that once had a key is no longer on speaking terms with you-all you need to do is delete their virtual key.

Finally you can extend the reach and capability of the August Smart Lock with the August Connect which extends the capabilities of the August smart lock by allowing you to access it remotely from anywhere you may be including half way around the world. So remotely you can do things like check if your door is locked, know when someone has entered or left the house or even give some one access to your home by opening the door even if you are not at home.

2.Anker Car Jump starter

Cool Technology

Fits in your Pocket: Jump starts your Car and charges your phone

Here are two things that don’t belong in the same sentence: car jump starter and smartphone Portable External Battery Charger. Well if you thought such a device did not exist then think again as the Anker Multi-Functional Car Jump Starter and Portable External Battery Charger with Adapters does both plus it has a flash light for good measure.

I can’t stress how important it is that every one get one of these units as you never know when your car will need a jump-start and you don’t want to be stranded on the road and depend on a shady stranger you do not know for a jump start. What I love about this Anker product is how flexible it is, as its:

  • Very light weight and portable, cant believe this small thing can Jump start your car and fit into a purse or pants pocket.
  • Has USB ports for charging gadgets such as phones and tablets.
  • Can charge your phone or Tablet like an external phone battery pack.
  • Has a flash light

3. LG 34UC97 Ultrawide Monitor

Cool Technology

World’s First 21:9 Curved Monitor

If you are a screen real estate junkie and need as much room on your computer as possible then you need to check out one of the coolest technology to hit the desktop monitor for the year in the form of the LG 34UC97.

Being wide is not the only thing that this monitor has going for it as it’s the World’s First 21:9 Curved Monitor and its also a IPS Panel. Its sporting a very nice Quad HD resolution of 3440 x 1440 too.

This is perfect for those who are into video editing and photo editing as this is the perfect monitor for programs such as Pro tools, logic or Photoshop. The screen is so wide that it feels like a dual monitor setup without the bezel and with the right system behind this monitor you can go crazy on multitasking. If you work with programs that has many in program tools or widgets you will never have to shrink things down as all of them will be visible on-screen easily. The monitor also has thunderbolt ports which ads to the features such as attaching an external hard drives which is made very easy and convenient.

4. USB-C Cable

Cool Technology

Does output, input and charging all in one cable

The USB-C Cable cable is a cool cable for macbook users in that its a special cable that combines 3 features in one and that is: Input, output and charging all in one simple cable that you just got to love.

It will output display over HDMI, VGA or display port and can be hooked up to an external monitor such as our feature unit above, this is some of the coolest technology you have seen yet right? and it can be integrated with USB 3.1 for transfers up to 10 Gigabits per second and allows for bye directional power and can be used to charge your MacBook with an external battery. So if your devices dies and you don’t have access to a wall outlet with USB type C you can charge your Mac the same way you charge your tablet and smartphone when this happens with an external battery pack.

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