ThruNite TT10 Tactical LED Flashlight

ThruNite TT10 Tactical LED Flashlight Review

This will be my review of the ThruNite TT10 Tactical LED Flashlight. I want to thank the guys at ThruNite for sending over this Flashlight for review. As always this will be my unbiased review of this product. If you have not already be sure to check out our other Flashlight review from ThruNite. So […]

Amazon Fire Stick First Look

So I decided recently to ditch my Cable. You see My cable package comes bundled with my Internet so why not use it? well that has been the case for some time now. In the quest for variety I decided to get my hands on a Amazon Fire Stick. I must say that I am […]

Amazon Fire Stick

ETTG Compact Mini Dehumidifier

ETTG Compact Mini Dehumidifier Review

I recently got the ETTG Compact Mini Dehumidifier out of a great necessity and I am glad I did as it has proven to be better than I ever thought it would be. This is my review of said dehumidifier so you can make up your mind whether this is the correct product to suit […]