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We all kinda cringed when we learned that the Galaxy S6 was dropping its support for a dedicated MicroSD cards slot didn’t we, why ooh why did they after holding out for so long? Well they did and we all have to deal with it but this does not mean that we cannot extend your Galaxy S6 storage as most people might think. Sit back and take it easy as I show you how to easily still use a MicroSD card with your Galaxy S6 although it’s not supported by default anymore.

Samsung Galaxy S6 storage

I am sure you are now scratching your head and wondering seeing that the Samsung Galaxy S6 has no memory card slot how can we extend the on board storage that’s set to specific capacities out of the box. Well I am Glad you asked as I would like to introduce to you the answer: OTG Hub & SD Card Reader which will easily attach to your Samsung Galaxy S6 and allow you to extend the Galaxy S6 storage to any capacity that you choose and that most definitely means that you can start using your old SD cards from back when the Samsung Galaxy actually had a MicroSD card slot.

galaxy s6 storage

Add a MicroSD card or whatever else you like

Which version of the Galaxy S6 will this work for?

This will work for both the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge along with working on various smartphones and tablets which include all previous generations of the Samsung Galaxy and even the Galaxy Note.

How does this Solve my storage needs?

With the OTG Hub & SD Card Reader you can easily attach any MicroSD card of your choice and even other forms of storage. All you have to do is carry this with you and when it’s needed you simply connect this to your Galaxy S6 and you can easily move over large files that would otherwise fill up your phones storage or access others on the go. This is great as you will be able to leave your phones storage for other things. This is really a small inconvenience for what you are getting in return.

What else Can I attach to My Galaxy S6 Using this device?

galaxy s6 storage

The possibilities are endless with this dongle, you can attach various form of media and devices and use your Galaxy S6 like you never though possible and this is because the Supports simultaneous access of peripherals which means you can attach several devices if you choose at once. So if you wanted with the built in USB ports you could attach a mouse or keyboard and use them as you please. You can attach various forms of storage which includes full size SD Cards, different memory card formats, flash drives and so on.

You just got to love ingenious inventions such as this OTG Hub & SD Card Reader which basically brings back the SD card to the Galaxy S6, so what do you think of this device would you consider getting one or not? please share your views in the comments section below.

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