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Today I would like to look at an issue where your Samsung Galaxy Note simply shows a black screen and you can’t get anything from your display or it remains black, this issue affects the Samsung Galaxy Note devices and results in a blank or black display, the LED notifications will light up and the capacitive buttons will also light up and you can even hear your notifications coming in as normal such as calls and text and other notifications but you will be unable to see anything on the display.

This issue may also manifest itself in other ways such as your Note 2,3 or 4 display showing but will not take touch input from your fingers or from the S Pen at all which renders the device unusable which can really be frustrating as the issue simply persist without explanation. This will be a fix for the Note 2 Black Screen, Note 3 Black screen or Note 4 Black screen issue so if you have any of these devices that uses a removable battery and uses a stylus or S Pen from this line of Products this fix will work in correcting the issue for the any of these Samsung Galaxy Note devices.

Note 2,3,4 Black Screen Issue Fix

Follow the instructions below or watch the video above to learn how to fix this issue:

1. Power off the phone completely, seeing the display is not working you will need to do this by opening the back of the phone and removing the battery.

note 4 black screen

2. Also remove your Micro SD card if you have one inserted.

3. Now hold down the power button while the battery is out of the phone and do so for about 1 minute. What this will do is drain the residual energy that has built up inside the device that’s causing the issue.

4. Next leave the Your Note for about 10 minutes to sit with the battery still out.

5. Finally put the phone back together and power the device on once again.

The phone should now power on and the black screen issue should now be fixed for most users. If it seemed like it did not work don’t panic, simply repeat the process and hold the power button for longer and let the phone shit for a bit longer, I have had cases were it tool 4 and even 10 attempts before this worked so don’t give up on the first try I guaranteed you this will work in most cases to fix your device. Also if you have a device with a Non removable battery then read this article on how to fix the same issue.

I hope you were able to fix the Note 2 Black Screen, Note 3 Black screen or Note 4 Black screen issue as it can be strange to see this issue for the first time but the trick is to carefully read the instructions above or watch the video and you should be able to fix the problem easily.

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5 thoughts on “Note 2,3,4 Black Screen Fix

  • stewart jackson

    Your site is a big plus; occasionally, something you post will be the answer to a question rolling around in my head. Keep it up!!

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Thanks Stewart my best articles comes from inspiration I have found and tend to be the most helpful to users, really appreciate you pointing that out as it tends to help point me to even better ideas. Thanks allot.

  • dominique

    good day, im not sure if the issue i have is a black screen issue because my screen doesn’t even show a led light at all nor notification sound and the sound but i think it doesn’t make a sound because its on vibrate however i am frustrated now because i cat tell what’s the problem….. please assist me by email if u can