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Today I will be looking at the fix for an issue that can happen to Android Tablets where the display shows a white screen and nothing else on the display. The problem can happen at any time to any device  and render you tablet unusable as you are unable to see anything on the display that only shows as white. So guys this will be a fix for the Android white screen issue.

Whats causing the Issue?

In most cases encountered the issue occurs when the display or LCD ribbon cable is not making proper connection to the Circuit board of the tablet and as a result you end up with an Android Tablet White Screen, the lack of contact is caused by a build up of corrosion on the LCD conductive contacts or LCD ribbon cable contacts which will need to be removed before the issue can be fixed.

Full Description of the issue.

Android Tablet White Screen

The tablet will power on but will not show anything but a white screen and you will not be able to see anything as you normally do. Its also possible that you can hear sounds but from the symptoms you can tell its the display that not working.

How to fix the Android White screen?

1.The first thing you will need to do is to actually use a prying tool and open the back of your tablet, you can see how its done in the video below.

2. Once the back of the tablet is opened the next step is to disconnect the battery for safety reasons which is attached to the motherboard by a wire which can easily slip out of the its slot.

Android Tablet White Screen

Disconnect the battery as seen here

3. Next disconnect the LCD connector or flexy or ribbon cable and brush the conductive contact points with a blunt object to remove any corrosion and this will make for better contact when the display is connected once more.

Android Tablet White Screen

Disconnect the LCD or Display connection

4. When the contacts are cleaned and exposed reconnect them to the circuit board and secure the connection. Do the same with the battery and that’s it.

Android Tablet White Screen

Lightly Rub or brush the contacts

5. The tablet should power up once more and the display should now be working.

Note that the reason why this worked is because over time the contact points on the LCD cable got corroded and where not sending a signal or making contact by brushing or rubbing them the corrosion was removed exposing fresh contact material which resulted in the display working again.

I hope you found this fix easy to perform and you are happy now that your device is working again, please take the time to share your experience below and tell Us which Tablet you were able to fix using this technique.



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