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If you are an Amazon UK associate and live internationally you may consider to use Payoneer to collect Amazon UK Associates funds for convenience. This is all good and well until you do your research and find that you are told that it’s not possible to use Payoneer to collect these founds and you have to request a check. Well I am here today to share a solution that will have you use your Payoneer card to collect your Amazon UK associate payments.

My situation

I first encountered the issue as I normally use the normal US Amazon associates program and found that I had no issues collecting my founds with the US Payoneer details. Later on I gave the UK Amazon associates program a try and when I tried to get my first payout by check that came in the mail it got lost and a little while after reaching payout gain I decided not to risk another payment being lost and so I decided to give Payoneer a try as it would eliminate the chances of me loosing another UK payment.

To my surprise I was told as I am sure you were too that you can’t use your Payoneer card even if it’s the UK version of Payoneer unless you are an Amazon seller to collect funds. Well today I am going to show you a simple workaround that worked and that you can use if you want to use your Payoneer card to collect your Amazon UK associates earnings.

How to collect your Amazon UK Associates earnings using Payoneer?

The first thing you will need to do is to is get a Payoneer account, if you already have one then the key is to go to Payoneer contact page and send them a message, I recommend message as their live chat takes forever or always says its busy. You can leave a message and you will get a reply in 2-3 days or so.

Now if you take a look at Amazon UK associates-Pay me by direct deposit settings they want the following info:

use Payoneer to collect Amazon UK Associates funds

The key being the IBAN and BIC number, so what you want to do when contacting Payoneer is to request that they:

Please activate the EU Payment service to receive payments from a EU company on your account.
I am interested in the prepaid card account. Here are my details should you need it:
• Street Address (limit to 60 characters):_________________
• City/State: ________________
• Country: ____________
• Zip Code:____________
• Phone Number: _____________

Please note that you should fill out the information above and include it in your message if you don’t they will request it and it will take another few days to wait until they get the info and then activate the feature it your account.They will also send you a Payoneer branded EU master card.

Why the EU Payment service for Amazon UK?

UK direct deposit

Also note that I requested the EU payment service and not the UK, the reason being that the UK payment service for Payoneer does not have the required IBAN and BIC, you could try a converter online to convert the information that Payoneer gives you for UK account which is a sort code and account number along with the bank name but the chances of messing things up are really high.

Payoneer UK direct deposit

The EU account actually gives you a set IBAN and BIC number and the other information you need. Best of all when the money from Amazon UK  associates is transferred to your EU account it will be easily converted from Pounds to Euros which is no big deal and you will have access to your funds.

Proof that this actually Works:

use Payoneer to collect Amazon UK Associates funds

Proof #1

use Payoneer to collect Amazon UK Associates funds

Proof #2

To add credibility to this article I have include two (2) snap shots from my account from my phone showing payment proof that the transaction actually went through. I have also used the EU card all over with no issues at all. Payments from Amazon UK to my EU Payoneer works just fine.  Notice on the second pic (Proof #2) above the Load details identifies: Amazon.lux.UK as the loader.

I hope the above tutorial was able to help you in collect your founds from Amazon UK associates program in a more convenient way that is traditionally possible and will save you allot of valuable time and money. As always ask any question below in the comments or consider subscribing to the blog.


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25 thoughts on “How to use Payoneer to collect Amazon UK Associates funds

  • Nikola

    Hey Ricardo. Thanks for this tutorial! Do you know if this still works? I added Payoneer EU account to Amazon UK. While it seemed to work, they sent money from my affiliate account on April 30., it didn’t reach Payoneer account after a week. Is it normal? With US Amazon/Payoneer, funds are transferred same day. I was just curious if you know how much time it takes for EU account?

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      It still works fine I just got payed this Sunday it only took about a day or two after Amazon UK notified me that they payed me. It was just as fast as the US payment. You may need to actually contact Amazon Associates to see whats happening. Also they converted the founds from Pounds to Euros and I can access the funds. Did you activate your EU card?

  • Nikola

    That’s great to hear. Yes, I activated card in EUR. I didn’t fill in Questionnaire for every country separately, maybe that can be an issue? I filled it first time in email conversation with Payoneer support. It was still just US Payment Service back then. They didn’t ask again, but they say “To ensure smooth processing in the future, please submit the following items…” and link to Questionnaire, for every currency on Global Payment Service page. Do you have it filled?

    Anyway, I contacted both Payoneer and Amazon UK now. I hope I didn’t mess something when copying IBAN and BIC. It would probably take 2 months for that to be fixed.

    Nice site you have here btw

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Thank you on the website, lots of work goes into it. I have all the info filled out but I only did most of what you described such as the Questionnaire for the main US account. I was wondering too if you had put in something incorrectly for the required fields, I usually copy and paste to prevent any mistakes and the fields match perfectly.
      I also feel your pain as I recently received a refund on a payment that got lost and it took some time had to follow up and contact the UK branch several times but they were great no live chat like the US branch but they do answer e-mails. I do hope you solve the problem and find out what went wrong and when you do please share as it could save someone else headaches in the near future. I bet its something silly that got left out.

      • Nikola

        Hey Ricardo. I would gladly share my findings, but believe it or not, I didn’t solve my issue to this day.

        After exchanging dozens of emails with Payoneer and Amazon support (it takes from few days to as much as 10 days for both of them to reply), this is their final resolution to my problem:
        Amazon – payment is rejected by my bank and Amazon can’t help with the issue. I can enter UK bank details, but IBAN and BIC are required.
        Payoneer – you can NOT receive GBP or any other currency, except Euros, to EU Payment service.
        They literally say: “We will never see a GBP Currency payment if it was sent via the EU Payment Service, and the payment will eventually be bounced back to Amazon.”

        Payoneer advised that I try to enter UK payment details instead, regardless that Amazon asks for IBAN/BIC. It didn’t work of course.

        They can’t give you IBAN and BIC for UK Payment Service either. So, after 2 months, my final conclusion was that it just can’t work and I gave up.

        But today, I tried to change country to United Kingdom in my Amazon contact information. I thought it would give me different options to enter UK bank account and maybe I could enter Sort Code/Account Number. Once payment method is set, I could change country back to Serbia, where I am from.

        It didn’t work. BUT when I went to change country, I think I found what is the problem.

        My country used to be called Serbia and Montenegro (country code: SCG) a decade ago. We separated and became Serbia. When I registered for account, Amazon didn’t update country name yet, so I just selected Serbia and Montenegro.

        Now, when I wanted to change country back from United Kingdom, there wasn’t Serbia and Montenegro to choose at all. Amazon updated it to Serbia. Good.

        This is what Amazon support told me about the issue:
        “I’ve been informed that the payment has been rejected with reason “Illegal country code: SCG”.”

        Payoneer support couldn’t tell me anything about this, so it simply slipped from my mind. But now when I see my country code was technically set to SCG, country that doesn’t exist anymore, it makes perfect sense why payment failed.

        It could be that this is that silly thing that caused the whole problem. Issue is with contact information settings, and not payment settings. I can’t confirm this yet though, but I’m going to ask Amazon support to try to send payment again. Hopefully they won’t make a problem that it’s been 3 months haha.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      You are welcome. As for the exchange rate everything seemed fine to me as the converted amount matched the original amount sent by Amazon. I think the standard fees apply didn’t notice anything much missing.

  • Naif

    Hey, just wanted to know if this is still working? This problem is bugging me. And under EU payment service it goes like: Please Note!
    Only SEPA (European local bank) transfers in EUR can be accepted.

  • Dayat

    Thanks Ricardo for the tutorial. I’m from Asia and I just started joining the Amazon UK affiliate program 3 months ago. I made a dozen selling through these days and I’m very happy. I’ve different condition right now as I registered my Payoneer account using US card not UK card.

    With my condition is there good possibility to see payment into may Payoneer account (EUR balance maybe), so I can transfer the balance in payoneer account into may local bank account?

    Hope you or anybody can enlighten my big courious…looking forward hearing for anybody’s experience on this case.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      If I am understanding what you are saying you should note that You get a separate Card for US and EU Payoneer when you Apply.Both cards especially the EU one can be used any where in the world at point of sale, online or at a ATM. As for transfer to bank account you will not be able to do that the EU Payonner eliminates the need to use any other form of payment and you can gain access to your founds.

  • Dayat

    One more thing, is that save and legal putting DD (Direct Deposit) payment options for outside UK? Must I change the payment option into gift card? Sorry for proposing this question because I’ve no idea anymore to find the answer anywhere.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Friend the method works as I have described and in no other way for those outside the country. If the other methods are not working for you as in my case this is the only working method that works.

  • Angie Arriesgado

    Thanks for your helpful post, Ricardo. I just started using the Genius link service this week and I’ve had sales from Amazon UK so was wondering how to go about the Payoneer payment. I followed your instructions above and contacted Payoneer. I hope it works.

    By the way, do you also have Amazon Canada? How do you receive payments from there? I just selected the gift card option for now. 🙂

  • Serhei

    Hello! Thanks for the info. What country you are selected in amazon account “UK” or “Germany” to reciave payouts?

  • Rogers

    Life safer! Payoneer don’t have the answer for this but it worked a charm and I can finally get paid for my UK amazon affiliate income now 🙂