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So I am really excited today as I received my very first Check in the mail. Please note this is not to be confused with my very first US Check here. This one is from Amazon Canada and is in Canadian dollars. It’s also looks different from a regular Amazon Check that I normally receive so I decide to do an article on it. I also noticed there were no examples of it online. Guess other Affiliates receive their payment by direct deposit.

I opted for payment by Check as it was the only way to redeem my founds from Amazon Canada which I am an Amazon affiliate with. So guys if You are already an Associate I suggest that you try joining other countries Associates program from Amazon.

Amazon Canada Associates Check

As you can see below the Check is in Blue instead of the regular Color of most Amazon associates checks. It says in the upper left in bold print.There is a MP in the lower right corner with a Maple leaf. Also the bank on the check reads: HSBC Bank Canada 70 York ST Toronto, ON,M5J1S9.

Amazon Canada Associates Check

It took a year and some months before I was able to get my first Amazon Canada Associates Check. I know the amount of CA $113.29 is not much but to me its a proof of concept that if I can make my way to payout in this program any one can. So if you live in Canada or another country this is anther way you could be earning money from your website. You can read on for the lessons I have learned from this First Check.

Lessons from My First Amazon Canada Associates Check

I have learned a whole lot and would like to give these pointers to anyone that is interested in Joining the Amazon Canada Associates Program to earn some extra money. You could be leaving money on the table if you are only an Affiliates with the US Amazon affiliate program. There is also the UK and many other countries to consider as well.

So here are the main things that I have learned otherwise:

1.It will take a lot of time before you earn your First Associates Check. Be patient and hang in there.

2. The Payout options are limited especially if you are in Another country but you can request a Check.

3. I suggest you use a Plugin such as EasyAzon to localize links in that way you can automatically send your visitors to the correct Amazon store based on their location.

4. We all must start somewhere, don’t mind the small Cheque it has the potential to grow.

5.Try to create the best content possible and think of your readers first.

Final Thoughts

I do hope you guys don’t mind me sharing my Amazon Associates Check with you. My intention is not to show off but to simply educate readers on the options that’s available to them especially if they are bloggers. So guys what do you think? please share your thoughts below in the comments.Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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