HTC One M8 Speaker Problem

Today we will be looking at a HTC One M8 speaker problem where you are having issues with your speakers which may include very low volume, rattling sounds, popping or cracking sounds coming from the speakers and affecting the overall audio quality from the device.

This can affect the HTC one M8 and the HTC One M9 devices or other similar designed HTC phones.Even if you don’t have a HTC based device and you have a speaker grill with holes on your phone the same issue could occur and this fix could still work for you.

Whats causing the Speaker problem?

The speaker problem is being caused by the dirt, dust or grime getting into the speaker grill holes on the front of the phone that you can find at the top and below the display in the case of the HTC M8, M9 and other HTC devices, these holes allow sound to come from the speakers and when they are blocked you will get the low sound, crackling or popping issues with your speakers.

htc one m8 speaker problem

How to fix the HTC one M8 or M9 Speaker Problem?

To fix this issue the easiest way to get rid of the dirt or grime from the speaker grill without opening the device is to:

1. Get a toothbrush and firmly use it to rub the grill of your HTC device, the bristles on the toothbrush will unclog the speaker grill holes.

2. Every now and again stop cleaning with the brush and firmly tap the phone in your hand to cause any dust particles loosened by the brush to come off.

3. Also use a canned air or some form of air duster to blow into the grills which will help with removing dust particles that are lodged in the grill, Also note if you don’t have canned air simply blowing into the grills heavily will help.

4. To test simply play a song and as you clean you will be able to hear the effect of your cleaning and verify the effect of your cleaning as you repeat the steps above as necessary.

The device is fixed when the volume gets clear and loud as when it was working properly and you are not hearing any cracking or rattling sounds. The alternative to this easy fix would be to open the phone and clean the speaker grill manually if you know what you are doing but this method is easy enough that any one can do it easily.

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