Boot device not found fix 2

If you recently started your PC to fix the error displayed at boot up that reads something like this: boot device not found then you are not alone as this is a common error that affects computers especially laptops on boot and today I will be helping you to diagnose and fix the problem.

Whats causing this error?

This error as I mentioned before is pretty common and I have encountered it several times and what it means is that your computer in most cases which is a laptop cannot find a boot device or hard drive with a operating system to boot. This occurs when a hard drives goes offline or as in most cases the hard drive is dead and needs to be replaced.

Boot device not found

On different devices the error will look a little diffrent but the wording will always read the same indicating that no boot device found or no boot device available.

How to fix boot device not found error?

If you are seeing this error as mentioned before the main culprit in these cases is usually a bad Hard drive that has gone dead and resulting in the error. So you will need to:

1. Power off the Laptop, unplug the adapter and remove the battery.

2. You will need to get to the hard drive inside the laptop, luckily for most modern computers this can be accessed from an easy access hatch from the back of the device that involves removing just a few screws and opening a panel.

For others you will need to disassemble the entire laptop and get to the Hard drive. Lets hope you have the easy access model as that one is much easier to work with.

3. After finding the hard drive you will need to remove it and replace it with a new one such as this one right here..

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4. The next thing you want to do is to re-assemble the laptop and power it up once more, the error you were having earlier should now be gone and you will need to reinstall windows on the new drive to be able to boot up fully.

I hope this tutorial was able to help you in fixing the Boot device not found error that can happen to any computer or Laptop and all is needed to replace the dead hard drive and reinstall the Windows operating system to get back a fully functional device. Please leave a comment below or consider subscribing to the blog for this and other tutorials.

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2 thoughts on “Boot device not found fix

  • marionpickett

    Nice wished I’d known this about a year ago I have a Compaq 57 when I tried to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 my laptop work for about a week after that then it went to doing this I hunted and hunted everybody just kept telling me I had to reinstall Windows it would not take I tried restore factory reset all different things I hope I didn’t mess anything up if it was just the hard drive we’ll try that next thank you