How to Make money with your Phone for free using Whaff?

Today I am going to look a cool way that you can make some extra money with your phone which you are already using everyday with an App called Whaff. Now this App can work in any country world-wide and it should work even better for those in the United States of America.  It also offers users the unique and legitimate way of earning a few extra bucks while in most cases discovering new Apps and more.

How does it work?

Users of the App that have signed up for an account as shown below can earn real money by completing tasks such as trying a game out, reviewing an App, keeping a simple App installed for a few days on your phone after which you can uninstall it and much more.


Users complete simple tasks and earn money that can be redeemed as shown below in simple steps.

How will you get Paid?

You can choose to withdraw your earnings as various Giftcards such as Google Play GiftCard, Facebook Giftcard, Amazon Giftcard,Xbox GiftCard, PlayStation store giftcard, steam giftcard, iTunes and even PayPal withdrawals.

You will have to have a minimum balance for each in most cases which is about $11 bucks or more for some Giftcards minimum balance.

How install and download the App and get a starting Bonus?

1.Go to the Play Store and search for Whaff Rewards or click on the following link right here.

2. After installation go ahead and launch the App.

3. Now look in the upper right of the screen and look for:login and use your Facebook account to login. Note that if you have the Facebook App already on your phone and logged in you will not be prompted for imputing a password.

4. Next step is very important and will allow you to earn a bonus of $0.30 on sign up which you won’t get otherwise. To get the bonus enter the following Invitation code: DT82499 and then hit OK.

5. Thats it and all you have to do now is complete a task such as write a short review or install and play a game or App to earn the allotted amount stated in the App Whaff.

Now this App is quite cool and the tasks are quite simple to complete although the tasks on Whaff pay a little they do add up quite fast and you can reach payout soon by simply consistently completing a few tasks per day. Eventually you will reach payout and you can redeem your gift card and use it as you like.

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