Only one headphone works Fix

Today we will be looking at a fix for the issue where only one headphone works. You know the situation where you connect your earphone to your smartphone and only one side is working. This is really troublesome issue as you cannot enjoy music or anything with just one headphone functioning.

Full Description of the Issue

So as was mentioned with the Only one headphone works issue that either only one earpiece will work. Also in some situations both might stop working until you twist the headphone jack in the port and then the sound start working only to stop working later on.

You may also realize that your headphones are not at fault as they work fine in other device that you have. The side thats not playing may also switch from time to time with this issue.

only one headphone works

Whats causing the Issue?

Believe it or not if your situation matches the above description you may have lint,dust or dirt in your headphone jack. This material is whats causing the Only one headphone works issue.The foreign material is preventing the headphone jack from making full contact thus only one headphone is working or the strange behaviors you are experiencing.

How to fix Only one headphone works ?

To fix only one earphone works in this situation you will need to remove any lint or foreign material inside your headphone jack by:

1. Getting a Q-tip and you can add some very pure isopropyl alcohol.

2. Dab some of the alcohol on the tip of the Q-tip and get it in there and try to remove the lint and dirt.

3. Alternatively you can use a Brushpicks or something similar to fish the lint from the port.

4.Simply get the pick in but not too deep and swirl it around and it should fish out or get out the lint.

5. You can clean up with the Q-tip and also you can blow out the port to finish.

That should be more than enough to get both headphones working if the port is at fault. This is very similar to the issue seen here that you can read more about.Also feel free to comment below and do share this article. I would also love if you would subscribe to the blog and do check out a few more articles.

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