How to use a SIM card cutter?

Today I would like to show you guys how to use a sim card cutter? which is a great tool that you can use to cut a standard sized SIM card down to a Micro or Nano SIM. It’s very effective because you don’t have to get a new SIM card. Plus you can continue using your current SIM card, phone number and all. This need may arise when you upgrade phones and your new device uses a new standard or smaller size of SIM.

Function of a SIM cutter?

AS mentioned a SIM cutter allows you to resize a SIM to a Smaller size. For example when I was switching from a Galaxy S5 to a Galaxy S6 I had to cut my SIM card. The same may be true for iPhone users as they upgrade. It only takes a few minutes and is very easy to do.

If you are looking for a great SIM card cutter you can check out this one here that I unboxed recently.

How to use a SIM card cutter?

1.First get your SIM card cutter and the SIM that you want to cut which is usually a standard or a Micro SIM.

2. Flip the cutter over and find the cutting compartment that matches the size you want to cut the SIM card to.

3. Use the orientation notch on the sim and look on any notch guides on the bottom of the cutter to make sure you put it in correctly.

How to use a SIM card cutter

4. Slide in the SIM card all the way in. Next turn the cutter face down down.Next firmly press on the handle and wait for the snap.

5. Removed the cut SIM from the other end and using a fine grain sand paper carefully sand the rough edges to make them smooth. You should now have a Smaller SIM that will fit your new phone.

Video Demonstration

See the Video demonstration to see it done easily.

How to convert a cut SIM back to a Larger Size?

In some cases you may need to go back to a larger SIM. Such cases as you have to borrow a friends phone or use a spear that uses a larger SIM. In such cases you will need a SIM conversion kit. If you are lucky your cutter may come with a set, if not you can always get a set here.

Final Thoughts

I do hope you learned how to use a sim card cutter. Also how to use a SIM card adapter to get back to a larger SIM card. I do love cool tools such as a great SIM cutter they are very convenient and fun to use. They can also help out friends that have new devices only to find they need a smaller SIM.

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