Samsung 128GB EVO Plus

I came across a great deal on the Samsung 128GB EVO Plus which is a Micro SD card from Samsung. This is a highly rated memory card from Samsung that can be used in your latest Samsung Galaxy or in any other device. Its the best time to buy right now as the prices are as low as they have ever been.Plus its a very fast and responsive card with excellent read and write speeds for accessing and recording faster.

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Samsung 128GB EVO Plus Features

The best features of this SD card include:

  • Shock and Temperature proof.
  • Waterproof in case it get wet.
  • Is protected from magnetic fields that may wipe your data.
  • Very fast and reliable.
Samsung 128GB EVO Plus

128 GB SD Card

Also be sure to watch out for fakes and get yours from a credible source such as Amazon. The card has a White and Orange color scheme. You will also get an adapter to convert the SD card to a larger size. This is so that it can fit many other devices that you may have.

Speed of this SD card

This great Samsung 128GB EVO Plus has a read speed of up to 80 MB/s and write speeds of up to 20 MB/s. This is a class 10 device which means its very fast and highly reliable.

Ways you can use this SD card

You can use this SD card to store extra videos,Music,Games,pictures and all the things that you love and enjoy.It can be used in

  1. Smartphone.
  2. Digital Camera.
  3. Drone.
  4. DSLR and much more.

You should definitely check out this deal as the prices are at the point now where its a great time to buy. When these SD cards first came out they were way more expensive. So if you have a small SD card that’s 15 GB or so do consider this great card.

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