NES Classic Edition: The classic NES is back!

The NES Classic Edition will be released on Friday the 11 of November 2016. In case you do not know what NES stands for it’s the Nintendo Entertainment System.So this is a remake of the classic NES from Nintendo. So if you were an old fan or you want to see what retro games were like you will definitely want to pick up this great device on Launch date.It will have many great classics that are already proven winners and various game modes to enjoy things as they did back in the day or improve them for the modern age.

Features of the NES Classic Edition

  • It will have 30 built-in classic NES Games.
  • Much more compact than the original device.
  • Comes with a NES Controller
  • 3 Display modes (Original,CRT and pixel perfect)
  • Instant save states.
  • Support for modern controllers and much more.
  • QR scan codes for mobile to see manuals.

NES Classic Edition

Early reviews are positive so far and it seems most gamers are stoked to get their hands on this classic gaming system.The only complaint so far from early reviews is that the cable on the controller is a bit short. The cable is about 2.5 feet in length. The NES Classic Edition is compatible with other Nintendo controllers so you will be able to use those instead of the classic should you choose to do so.

The NES Classic Edition is also the perfect idea for a gift this holiday season so you can bet that they will be flying off the shelves this Friday due to popular demand.

Included Classic Games

There will be 30 classic titles on this great system they include:

  1. Super Mario Bros trilogy
  2. Zelda 1 and 2
  3. Kirby’s adventure
  4. Final fantasy and much more.

Cool Accessories and Extras

You can already pick up a bunch of accessories for the NES classic which includes stuff such as a carrying case and an extra controller. You can see and order both below.

This is a very cool carrying case to carry your system around in and to protect it while it’s in transport.

This is a cool wireless controller add-on that will allow you to play up to 30 feet away.

So what are your thoughts on this retro system from Nintendo? I am sure you have fond memories of the NES system or maybe you will get to see what it was like back in the day playing classic games on an old TV set and see where Gaming all started. Share your comments below and lets start a conversation on your fondest memories of this system.


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