PlayStation 4 Black Friday Deal now Official

Its times like these that I must just say: I told you so!, yes I am actually gloating as earlier we reported on the: PS4 Black Friday Deal Leaked where we predicted that the US would have the PS4 GTA 5 Bundle on special this coming Black Friday, this was way before there was any official word. Now guess what? as predicted the PlayStation 4 Black Friday deal is now Official for this bundle, it’s truly a great time to get excited, remember we told you so and we have lots more to tell you even before more is officially revealed. Remember you heard it here first on

 PlayStation 4 Black Friday Bundle – Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us Remastered

playstation 4 black friday

The Official Bundle for the US

So this is the official US PS4 GTA 5 Bundle in all its glory as seen above. So as predicted the American version of the GTA5 Bundle has been made official and is now on display and will be available on Thursday November 27,2014 for purchase that’s just one day from Black Friday,while the listing shows no official price as of yet we predict the starting price will be $519.97.We only need to actually keep an eye on this one to see where the prices will go from here, but I am expecting a huge price cut when this actually goes on sale for the actual big day of Black Friday. Well if you cannot wait you can always get it on the Thursday but remember nothings guaranteed in terms of a better price.

See the Official Price which is not on Display Yet

What Will you get with the US PS4 GTA 5 Bundle?

The Bundle will include a black PlayStation 4 System 500 GB, a black DualShock 4 Wireless Controller to match, standard AC Power Cord, HDMI Cable, Headset, USB 2.0 Cable, Grand Theft Auto V and a The Last of Us: Remastered download voucher as a added bonus, now we were not expecting that last little bit of extra value in the form of the Last of Us Remastered. This actually makes the bundle more appealing and matches our predicted price which I am quite sure is correct. The Last of US Remastered promises a more immersive and fun experience with more realistic and stunning graphics of the PS4.

The Grand theft Auto 5 will feature pristine graphics for a more compelling and realistic world that’s more addictive than ever and get this you can bring over your data and characters from Grand theft Auto online or from the XBox One for those who have switched consoles or own both systems.  I am sure you are wondering what about those who actually played the original GTA5, does this game have anything for them? Well it does, those players will get special vehicles, weapons and lots more to keep them interested in playing that first time players will not be given.

My Thoughts on This Deal

With the Black Friday discount thrown into the mix  this PlayStation 4 black Friday deal promises to be a irresistible package that any one who is thinking of getting a PS4 would be crazy to pass up on. There is something literally for everyone from new players to returning ones who have mastered the first un-remastered edition, plus with new features such as third person view it will be like playing a brand new game so all players old and new will feel like its there first time and if you are still not sold on the idea then The last of Us remastered should just about help you in making up your mind. If you have not already check out the bundle by clicking here.

Updated: PlayStation 4 Black Friday Bundle price confirmed to be $399.99

Its seems that while the bundle is Valued at $519.97 if you were to add up the actual cost of all the elements which includes the games and the consoles and such but the final price for Black Friday will be  $399.99 and if you are doing your calculations then you will save a whopping $120 bucks on your purchase if you can grab one before they are sold out.


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