If you are currently facing a common issue where your iPhone not charging then you are not alone. This is a common issue that can happen to any iPhone whether its the older models or the very new models of the device. With the following tips you should have your device charging like new in a few minutes tops. So make sure to follow the procedure below in the steps given to get your phone charging again.

Why is my device behaving like this?

Sometimes there can be something wrong with your charge port but more time than not debris such as dirt or lint can get into the charge port and interfere with charging. Thus your current dilemma. Do remember though that each situation is different and follow the directions below to hopefully fix your problem.

Device this fix will Work on?

iphone not charging

This fix should work on any model iPhone,iPad or iPod. Especially devices such as the iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 4 and so on.

What you will need?

You will need a toothpick, a toothbrush or hard bristled brush like a toothbrush and tissue or cotton which are all things you can find lying around the home.

iPhone not charging Fix

To fix your charging problems on any iPhone first you should:

1. Look into the charge port and see if you see any dust, lint or dirt.

2. Using the brush or toothpick and tissue folded into a pointed edge begin to wipe and clean the port out thoroughly.You can see how its done in the video above.

3. After you are satisfied the port is clean as there should be little to no dirt or dust exiting the charge port,blow into the port to clean it out.For good measure you can wipe it out once more to make sure no moisture is left behind.

4. Now try to charge your iPhone again.

Alternative solution

If the above fails dust might not be the issue.You may have a faulty charger, it can be the wall brick or the charging cable. You can get a new charge cable here or the adapter brick here. If you cant be bothered then get the whole thing here.

Final Thoughts

I do hope the tips here were helpful in fixing the issue of your iPhone not charging. I am sure most users will be able to save themselves time and money they would have to use to go to the Apple store to get their devices repaired. Do show your appreciation by sharing this article with a friend on social media and also take the time to leave a comment below.You can also ask for assistance in the comments.


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