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So if you are here because you got the YouTube 500 Internal Server Error sorry,something went wrong and you are not sure what you are supposed to do in order to fix this error I have created this article so as to shed some light as to what this error means on YouTube and what you can do if anything when it happens. I personally encountered the error a few times and if you have been on YouTube as a creator you are bound to encounter the error as well sooner or later.

I recently got the error after uploading a video. I noticed that the error would happen at random each time I tried to edit a video in general,so I was not able to add tags, description, monetize and so on. I am also sure you are in a similar boat.

The error:

500 Internal Server error sorry, something went wrong.A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with the situation.If you see them, send them this information as a text (screenshots frighten them): ……………………………………………………………………………………………

YouTube 500 Internal Server Error sorry,something went wrong

What does the YouTube 500 Internal Server Error mean?

The error indicates that there is an error server side. This has nothing to do with your computer or browser and the issue is on YouTube’s end. Also there is nothing much you can do about the error from your side. The picture of the Monkey with the hammer or whatever else Google might change the picture to in the future is simply Google having some fun or a joke about the error (Things tend to break randomly and take us along for the ride). As something has gone wrong server side and the message you see is the error report.

How to Fix YouTube 500 Internal Server error?

Don’t worry though as seeing that Google or more specifically the YouTube team is a big company an engineer is sent the error report and they will usually fix the problem quite quickly, staff work around the clock. You only need to wait a few minutes or so and the error will be fixed automatically.As in your case you can refresh the page or hit the back button and keep trying or just give a little time and try again in a few minutes.There is little else you can do until then but there is often nothing to worry about.

Final Thoughts on this Problem

The error itself can happen in any Browser whether its Google Chrome, Firefox,Opera and so on. You can copy the error message and the code in case you need direct help later on from Google but it’s highly unlikely you will need to as they should fix it in no time. You only need be patent. Please share this post with a friend and if you have additional questions please leave a comment below and I will be sure to get back to you.

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One thought on “YouTube 500 Internal Server Error sorry,something went wrong

  • Ricardo Gardener Post author

    Update: April 2,2018: YouTube is experiencing a Major 500 Internal Server Error. It started earlier in the day and has been happening for hours now. Users are unable to access any Channel or Channel page across the platform. This also affects your channel as well if you are logged in as you cant see anything except: An error occurred. Please try again. -along with your background and profile pick being blank.
    This is the most severe instance of this error I have seen to date and YouTube should fix the issue soon so hang in there.