Common iPhone Problem Fixes

The iPhone is pretty cool and while that’s true you will find that you are bound to eventually run into some universal Common iPhone Problems. Today we will be looking at how to fix some of these problems so that if any of them were to happen to you at any time you would be prepared and know how to deal with the issue without needing to go to a repair shop.

Common iPhone Issues and Fixes

1.Home button refuses to read fingerprint or becomes stuck

This is a common one with older devices that still has the home button where the button becomes stuck and refuses to read your fingerprint.

Fix: Get a Q-tip, tissue paper or cotton swab and clean the button with Isopropyl Alcohol the purer the better. Also be sure to clean between the wall that holds the button in place.

Common iPhone Problem Fixes

2. Poor call quality or Issues hearing your calls

Do you have issues hearing your calls? you might even think its something wrong with your phones earpiece. Dirt or lint could be stuck in the earpiece and affect the sound coming from the phone thus your issue.

Fix: Clean the earpiece with an eraser and blow away the excess material.

3.Other can’t hear you on calls or low volume

Others complain that they can barely hear you when you call. It might happen suddenly and it’s definitely not your network or in some case it’s not a faulty microphone.

Fix: There is dirt in the Microphone port so clean the small hole out with a toothpick and others will hear you as clear as day on calls.

4. iPhone charges very Slow

Fix: Built up of dirt and lint in the charge port can cause the charger not to make full contact and the phone will charge slowly. Use a non conductive material such as a toothpick to clean the charge port.

5. Chargers are breaking at Connection points

Its happens all the time your chargers tend after a while to become undone at connecting points and start to expose the wiring as the outer cover breaks although it still works.

Fix: Use electrical tape to bind the broken wire and you can also use the spring from a pen and wrap it around the point that’s breaking or from the device charger is new so as to take some strain off that point and prevent breakage you only need wrap it around the wire.

6.Phone got wet

If you phone ever gets wet such as in the rain or it falls into a body of water what you want to do is to actually make sure its dry fully to avoid water damage.

Fix: Place the phone into a bag of rice or place some silica gel bags on it like the ones that comes in shoes. Place your phone in a bag or container full of the silica gels and watch it work its magic.

7. Remove your SIM card on the Go

Ever had an emergency where you need to remove your SIM card on the go but you did not carry your SIM ejection tool.

Fix: Simple use a paper clip and straighten it out and use that to eject the Sim tray.

8. Loudspeaker on your phone has gotten Low

Your loud speakers were once very high on your iPhone but now they have gotten noticeably lower.

Fix: The speaker grills of your loudspeaker is block so go ahead and clean them out with a toothpick and sound should return to normal for the loudspeaker.

I do hope the above common iPhone problem fixes were helpful to you guys and if you have something to add please leave a message below and I will be sure to get back to you and as always do remember to actually share this post on social media.

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