Computer Making High Pitch Hissing Noise Fix

So if you have a computer and its making a High Pitch Hissing noise then welcome to the club as this may be an early sign that something will soon happen making your PC unusable. Even before that though the Computer Making High Pitch Hissing Noise is really annoying and can get to you. So in this article I will look at the issue and provide a solution that should help in fixing the problem.

What causing the Computer to make a High Pitch Hissing Noise?

Normally the high pitch noise can be caused by a power supply going bad or it could just have a build up of dust that’s messing with its normal operation.The causes are numerous and can also be related to the fan in the power supply. Its hard to tell exactly what the cause but its most definitely in most case a power supply issue.

Quick Test:

Power off the computer and while its plugged in but not powered on listen carefully at the power supply and see if you hear the sound. This would indicate its definitely the power supply issue.

Computer Making High Pitch Hissing Noise Fix:

Computer Making High Pitch Hissing Noise

Try all the following and one should fix your issue once and for all.

1.Clean your Power supply of dust: If there is too much dust the power supply can die pre-maturly so get some canned Air or other duster and clean it out.

2. If that fails which is the more affordable solution then you will need to replace the power supply with a new one.Nothing good will come of a bad power supply and it best to get ahead of the problem and deal with it now.

Why Did my power Supply Go bad?

There are a number of reasons it became faulty which includes:

1.Its an old power supply.

2.Build up of dust over time.

3.Factory fault.

4.Got damaged somehow e.g. unstable power.

Final Thoughts

So that’s it for Computer Making High Pitch Hissing Noise Fix. There are few other things that could make a PC make such a noise and the Power supply is suspect number 1. If you have a question please ask below in the comments and please share this article and check out even more of our content.

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